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Feeling Blessed and Full of Grace

  March 25, 2011 At the beginning of the week, my inbox was full of beautiful writings about the Vernal Equinox, Ostara, and Spring and I had thought about offering my own thoughts on the new season.   The Annunciation   But a few weeks ago, as the Cherry Plums began to bloom here in […]

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Can you say YES, to saying NO?

What is Lent about for you in 2011?  For me, Lent is about learning to say “No” to what tempts us. Most of us aren’t very successful saying ” No” when we are weak with our bottomless addictions, our powerful fantasies and our rigid prejudices.  And each of us, if we look at ourselves with […]

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Those constant temptations…

What is the meaning of Lent for your soul? In the cycle of the Inner Year, the first quarter of the year is spent working with your relationship to yourself: Inner Epiphany celebrates and deepens your sense of the purpose living in your existence. Imagining Your Contribution addresses the evolving needs and expressions of that […]

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