No and yes.

No, in relation to the exoteric dogma, doctrine and sectarianism of traditional institutionalized Christianity.

Yes, in the sense of the esoteric imagination that a being of ultimate divinity incarnated into corporeal existence and awakened a new experience of individual freedom and universal love into human consciousness. This being was the Christ and the human being that bore this divinity within his corporeal body was Jesus of Nazareth.

The Imagine Self Programs, in general, are both Christic and Sophianic in design and meaning, but this is truly separate from anything that is church-like.

In particular, Inner Christmas and the Holy¬†Imaginations look at and to the life and story of Jesus Christ and the New Testament, not as the Savior, but as the Model of the incarnation of the individual spirit as a being with an earthly and profoundly significant and essential destiny to fulfill.¬† He didn’t do it for us, but to show us what is involved, possible, necessary, to fulfill our individual destinies, to be free, to be love, to see and care for each other, to contribute to the moral evolution of humanity. Each human being on the planet, now and in the future, must come to a conscious relationship to the inner experience and outer expression of the I-being or Selfhood.

If you are without any longing to have a truly free conscious intimate and empowering relationship with Christ Consciousness and Sophia Consciousness, then, bless you and may your path bring grace to you. If that path encourages you to participate in any of the programs I offer, you are more than welcome.


You may be asking what is this Sophia being. If the Christ is the expression of the I as spirit, the Sophia is the imagination of the receptive and transformative soul. Together, the I embraced by the soul and the soul penetrated by the I bring an awakening in the human being of a future filled with truth, beauty and goodness manifesting through freedom and with love.

There is much more to share about this imagination. But for now, all the courses and writings I produce and offer are not Christian in the usual sense and profoundly Christian in a different, esoteric sense.


In ancient times, the tribal shaman was cared for by the tribe. Yes, s/he was responsible for telling the tribe where to hunt and when to plant so ultimately the shaman was responsible for the tribes well-being, but s/he didn’t actually hunt, cultivate, or prepare food, make clothing, build shelter.

When mystery centers and the great temples became responsible for the spiritual and practical wisdom of civilization, they received gifts and tribute to pay for their existence. They also became the seasonal marketplace for the surrounding tribes.

When communities formed they collectively continued to support their spiritual leaders, teachers, and healers.

Now in modern times when individuals seek spiritual guidance, care, and teaching, it is the individual who must support those whose life is devoted to providing that guidance, care, and teaching.

This is a good thing. It is so morally significant that the spiritual be interdependent with the material. It is what the gods had in mind when they imagined and created earthly existence.

Now to contradict myself…there is a great deal of spiritual wisdom available at no monetary cost through IMAGINE SELF. It is some of the most precious wisdom.

Here is a page where I have written more thoughts on money, pricing and self.