What is Lent about for you in 2011? 

For me, Lent is about learning to say “No” to what tempts us.

Most of us aren’t very successful saying ” No” when we are weak with our bottomless addictions, our powerful fantasies and our rigid prejudices.  And each of us, if we look at ourselves with objective compassion, can admit to many of these weaknesses.

With even a minimal mastery of “no!” we find greater freedom, integrity, fulfillment and growth.  Each year the practice of Inner Lent can evolve our command of our own impulses, habits, and anxieties and develop a greater confidence in our ability to liberate our consciousness, our feelings and our deeds.

When we enter and dwell in the wilderness of our soul we find the untamed instincts, obsessions and compulsions of our inner lives. There we feel our unfed hungers and unquenched thirsts. We face the ever more seductive temptations of egotism and meet the wild beasts living in our undisciplined and immature natures.
Inner Lent leads to deeply essential self-knowledge and self-mastery. During Inner Lent we learn to have a healthier, more responsible, more active, and more spiritual relationship to “NO!”

Inner Lent explores the three temptations in their modern soul reality: the temptations that live in our soul as addictions, fantasies and prejudices.  We look at how to understand these temptations, face and vanquish the inner tempters, and center ourselves in the embodiment of our destiny.

In this second week of Lent:
What addictions can you name and say no to without anxiety?
What fantasies can you ground with real action? 
What prejudices can you evolve into openness?

With what I cover and discuss with you in my three Inner Lent webinars, you will be able to apply your Inner Lent practice to the addictions, fantasies and prejudices in all areas of your life: health, diet, work, love, parenting, spiritual practice, emotional well-being.  Like Inner Christmas, Inner Lent will give you the wonder, the wisdom the wit and the will to shape a valued and valuable life.

The commitment to the three webinars keeps you focused and attending to your Lenten practice, working with your Lenten questions, and refining your Lenten insights.

Like all the Inner Year programs, Inner Lent is spiritually clarifying and inspiring and practically grounding and creative.

Each of the three Inner Lent webinars is recorded for listening and downloading. A number of helpful handouts will be emailed to all participants. If you cannot attend the live webinars you can listen to the replays and work with the handouts.

Say “YES!” to saying “NO!”

Deepen your Inner Lent:

The First Temptation:  To Turn Stones to Bread Through Your Addictions 
Sunday, March 20 at 1PM Eastern.

The Second Temptation: To Leap Off the Pinnacle Through Your Fantasies 
Sunday, April 3 at 1PM Eastern.

The Third Temptation: To Claim Dominion Over All You See Through Your Prejudices 
Sunday, April 17 at 1PM Eastern.

The cost for Inner Lent: access to the three webinars, the recordings, the inspiring handouts,  is $47. 

To register click here:  Inner Lent

If you have any questions, need to pay by check, or any difficulties registering please call me 973-457-4147 between 10AM Eastern and 4PM Eastern or email me anytime.