Inspiration and guidance for finding, knowing and becoming your authentic Self

“When the soul wants to experience something, she throws out an image in front of her and then steps into it.”

Meister Eckhart

Imagine Self guides you in  designing the the image your soul wants to experience,  encourages you to throw it out in front of you, and celebrates your stepping in to it!

Do You Ever Wonder…

if self-love is a path to universal love?

what your life really means?

how to make sense of all your challenges?

why you struggle with relationships?

if you can make a difference in the world?

Do You Ever Long for…

a spiritual path that doesn’t require you
to conform, but sets you free?

a new understanding of your suffering?

a deeper intimacy with spiritual realities?

a direction for your life that is practically,
morally, and spiritually productive?

Imagine Self

provides you with

The New Maps

to Find Your Truth

For your inner quest, Lynn Jericho provides a comprehensive map to guide you through the complex landscape of your humanity to the unique treasure of your true self.

The New Mirrors

to Know Your Beauty

Self-knowledge comes from gazing at yourself from infinite perspectives. Offering many mirrors, Imagine Self reveals numerous reflections for seeing your radiant self.

The New Methods

to Become Your Highest Good

For your self-development Lynn Jericho presents powerful, inspiring and compassionate methods for understanding and cultivating the good deeds of your continually evolving self.

Experience the Joy of You!

Imagine Your Self

When you imagine yourself you are seeing yourself as powerfully evolving into a self

more aligned with your unique truth,

more revealing of your rare beauty,

more capable of manifesting your special goodness. 

Lynn offers wise and compassionate guidance through the maps, mirrors and methods of Imagine Self, but

only you can imagine you and experience the joy that comes from your courageous effort.

Receive your copy of

The Four Steps for Imagining Your Self and Anything Else

Be inspired and guided to imagine the true, core and evolving experience of the mystery and miracle of you.

Throughout the year you will receive mailings from Lynn including her wise posts and notifications of offerings from the Imagine Self Academy.

Every email will inspire your imaginations.

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Hello Friend!

What motivates individuals to want to tread the difficult path of inner development? to learn a new complex language of self?  to make self-imagining a living creative process for everyday self-meaning?

 What happens to our souls if we don’t take up the work of inner development?  Can we know others if we don’t know ourselves? Can we have compassion for others if we don’t first have compassion for ourselves?  

My work, Imagine Self, helps you design, undertake, fulfill and value your inner work of imagining your humanity and yourself, your “I Am.”

I do this by offering a creative and comprehensive picture of the human being and the archetypal frameworks that constitute this picture of Selfhood. I then ask questions, suggest exercises, and offer guidelines that help you recognize, express, and unfold your unique, utterly individual manifestation of these archetypes.  Sorting through the luminous and liberating light and the dark and disturbing shadows of the archetypes of being human, you discover, evolve and celebrate the truth, the beauty, and the goodness living in your individuality and humanity. 

Is there anything more essential and significant than finding, knowing and becoming  more human and more yourself?  Could anything awaken in you more love?

Learn more about me here.

Below are the four ways you can engage the nourishing gifts of Imagine Self to live a spiritually motivated life.


Freedom and Love begin in self-knowledge

and allow us to devote our individuality to connecting with the divine

and contributing with devotion to others, the world and the future. 


My Blog

About twice a month, I write a brief essay sharing inspiring insights, penetrating questions, and creative suggestions for working with self-imagining. I’m a meaning junkie devoted to understanding everything about being human so you can find the meaning in everything about you. Read my blog posts here.

Sacred Conversations

Nothing is more healing, more liberating and more empowering than a series of private sacred conversations. Do you need conversations to guide and encourage you through challenges, transitions, choices, losses, and deep personal questions? I work over the phone with clients around the world. Learn about my spiritual mentoring here.

A Gathering of Selves

A Gathering of Selves is a vibrant, creative membership program that offers twice monthly gatherings for creative conversations on all the elements of selfhood. 

The members are amazing.

Learn more about a Gathering of Selves here.


The Imagine Self Academy

The Imagine Self Academy offers online and live courses to support you with

finding your true self, knowing your radiant self, and becoming your evolved self.

Learn more about the five imaginations that will guide you to all that you are.

Imagine Bethany

a Wisdom Imagination

coming soon