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Are you seen? Do you see?

In the film, Avatar, instead of saying “I love you,” the Navi say “I see you.” The Navi experience and cherish all of life as connected and interwoven, so the statement “I see you,” indicates an intimacy that recognizes and cherishes the individual beyond the collective connection. Today, I was reading an interview with Barbara […]

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The Fund of Generosity

You have arrived here because you are considering donating beyond the program fee. any amount is welcome.  Thank you for your financial integrity and your generosity. You just need to go to the Donation button on the right column.

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Inner Easter's Tender Possibilities

Inner Easter’s Tender Possibilities

  Find Yourself   Know Yourself   Become Yourself April 20, 2011 Your inner life is designed by you for you. How do you want to design your Inner Easter and Inner Spring?   By you, for you! Read on below, if you want my suggestions of elements to include in your design. What I write and […]

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Happiness or Wisdom?

It’s amazing and thrilling to me… over 4000 people opened the email I sent out on “Is This You???” I’ve received many, many responses – more than I can answer. This has given me the idea to include a “Is This You?” statement in each newsletter in the future.  Some of you even suggested other […]

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