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Inner Epiphany – Your Initiative

YOUR INITIATIVE Initiative is the power of the individual (or community) to begin to manifest a new reality.  In other words, it is the courage and power to show up as yourself, contribute what only you can contribute and make the difference only you can make. Initiative lives in initiates.  In ancient times there was […]

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Inner Epiphany – Your Baptism

Inner Baptism The second Inner Epiphany is the baptism in the living waters and the entry and embodiment of the divine intention into human consciousness, your individual consciousness. When the three gifts of the first epiphany are doing their work. Your thought life is now living and flowing with truth through the gesture of frankincense. […]

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Inner Epiphany – Your Three Gifts

Inner Epiphany in the time in the cycle of the Inner Year when we notice the new light living in our souls from our Inner Christmas. We see the gifts of waking up, warming up, and wising up to ourselves and we realize our future begins now. To understand the purpose of Inner Epiphany, we […]

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