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The Art & Practice of Forgiving Every Day

Reflections on Moral Breathing My thoughts on the three inner evening activities, celebrating, grieving and forgiving are evolving and expanding. I have written about each soul activity a number of times in the past always asking myself many questions, working from many perspectives but I never put the three of them together. Together they are a moral […]

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The Art and Practice of Everyday Celebration

Celebration honors! It is a form of recollection, review and release of moments in our life experience. In this blog I offer suggestions on the art and .practice of Celebration. What Do We Celebrate? The celebrations can honor an experience of nature, cosmos, the divine, sensory delight, relationships, memories, or self-development. You can celebrate your […]

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What is Comfort?

This essay is 1400 words. It will take about 5-6 minutes to read and much more time to think about.  If you bring sufficient attention to it, you will find ways of understanding and establishing elements of comfort that you have never known before.  I also hope you will realize that the Enlivening the Twelve […]

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The Surrounding Presence of Spiritual Companions

As I grow older I become more aware how important relationships and the conversations that provide the substance of these relationships are. Of all these relationships and conversations, the most meaningful are often the ones we have with the beings we cannot perceive with our ordinary senses. They are a surrounding presence of spiritual companions overflowing […]

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