You belong here if…

You take your “self” seriously. You nurture and cultivate your sense of Source, Being, Core.

You welcome questions that surprise you, wake you up and fill you with new imaginations.

You want to think about yourself in new creative ways, feel more deeply about the mundane and the mysterious than ever before and explore fiercely the myriad reasons for your amazing existence.

You seek the wisdom that only comes from making sense of and learning the lessons of your suffering.

You want to understand what came before, lives behind and moves beyond all the ideas, sensations and activities of your life.

You have a great sense of humor and love to laugh at yourself.

You seek the freedom to evolve  beyond your personal identities and release the demands of your culture and times.

You want a dynamic, spiritually sound, and materially practical picture of the human being that makes sense of being human like everyone else  and having a unique and complex individuality unlike anybody else.

You want a framework to guide you through the interweaving forces of

  • your biology,
  • your biography,
  • your conscious thoughts, feelings and intentions and,
  • the significance, meaning and purpose of your existence.

Ennobled and humbled by this picture of being human you find a surprising beauty and great lessons in your wounds, dreams, failures and successes.

You incarnate deeply into your life while paradoxically lifting into spiritual heights beyond your religious training and spiritual practices.

You are willing to see into your own shadows with courage and the shadows of others with compassion.

…more to come as you are complex, deep, and ever-evolving.