Who you are is the greatest mystery only you can solve!

I invite you to use Imagine Self to…

Find Yourself – The Maps

What are you looking for? Where are you looking? For your inner quest, Imagine Self provides the archetypal maps to guide you through the complex realities of your humanity to the unique treasure of your individuality.

Know Yourself – The Mirrors

What makes you unique? What is your singular purpose? What challenges you? What comforts you? Offering many mirrors, Imagine Self reflects crystalizing and organizing images for seeing and understanding your core self.

Become Yourself – The Methods

What seeds of new expression are ready to germinate? What deep truth seeks its voice? What courageous leap wants to be taken? What special gift waits to be given? What weight needs to be lifted? Imagine Self presents powerful and compassionate methods for evolving into the full expression of yourself.

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The Imagine Self Academy is Being Re-Imagined…

Programs coming soon.

Is This You?

If you have read this far, you probably had an immediate intuition when you landed on this webpage that you wanted to spend time here and discover what Imagine Self offers you that’s different, meaningful, and actually worth your attention.

You want to heal, liberate and empower your inner life. You take this seriously and are willing to work at it.

All the Imagine Self programs require the following from you:

~ serious and creative thinking (are you ready for imagining a “wiki of you,” the constant, deeply thoughtful editing and rewriting of your soul’s truth),

~ courageous and open feeling (compassion and objectivity are not for emotional wimps or sentimental storytellers as you will dive directly into the deepest waters of your soul) and

~ devoted and unselfish commitment to your inner development (its the training for your inner triathalon – find yourself, know yourself, become yourself).

You have sought and practiced a number of paths of spiritual and personal development. You’ve found great value in them, yet you keep looking. You want a wisdom that links them all together. There are so many practices and programs that are brilliant and transformative, nurturing and centering, offering links to the divine, to yourself and to the world. Imagine Self connects you to the fundamental frameworks of being human and becoming I, giving you the possibility of integrating your other work with a lasting and illuminating wisdom.

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What Others Say

I want you to know, this day, that your words have blessed and continue to bless me with their power and their wisdom.
Rev. Kristi Denham, Pastor
Congregational Church of Belmont – UCC

Lynn Jericho’s inner Lent sessions have prodded me to connect in a meaningful way to the season, the earth, and the story. Lynn has an amazing capacity to sit and listen for awhile and then suddenly take hold of all that has been said and connect the dots for all who are listening.
Mindy Mount

I love your writing style, I love your keen observations about us humans and our interactions with others and our own selves.
Sharon Stanberry Rosshirt

Thank you Lynn, the teleseminar was beyond words for me.  It was profound, so very timely, and shook me to my very core with the new information and the shaking is what I needed and had been seeking….so it was very good.
Johanna, NC