New for Your Soul’s Self-Imagining Wisdom

Your Inner Christmas


Your Transformative Path through the Christmas Season

to a New Year and a New You!

My Soul and The World are But One!

  In the sixteen years, I have been guiding individuals around the world through the Holy Nights, the work has always been about the individual. This year is different.

2020 has been a very challenging year outwardly and inwardly.

Each of us has had our own inner year filled with new and complex thoughts and feelings occurring in surprising and disturbing times. How do we make sense of it all? 2020 is a year that requires reflection, consideration, and resolution. We need to end it wisely.

We also need to begin 2021 wisely, not just with New Year’s Resolutions or Three Words but with a series of inspired and illuminating epiphanies.

Our souls need us to take up this activity of inner awareness. The world needs each of us as individuals to do this on behalf of all. The future, our children and grandchildren need us to take this Inner Christmas Journey.

2020 asks us to go on The Inner Christmas Journey to seek new light, new warmth, new resonance and new forces to bring about a new world consciousness. Our souls, together, one by one, will birth a new enlivened way to be together. 

But this is not a wish, or a dream. It is not political, financial, social, religious, or selfish. The Inner Christmas Journey is a spiritual task, a moral contribution, and a personal deed. This journey is traveled alone to a destination of inner development and world blessing. 

The Inner Christmas Journey includes…

Releasing the Old Year

Inner Advent

In the deepening dusk of your soul’s year, prepare for the Holy Nights by  recollecting, reviewing and releasing 2020, the outer contexts and the inner content of all you have experienced. 

Conceiving the New Possibilities

The Inner Christmas Messages

In the embracing darkness of the Holy Nights, receive illuminating inspirations for the coming year. Let your soul contemplate, imagine, and journal the Dance of Differences.

 Manifesting the New Year

Inner Epiphany

In the dawning of 2021, consider your leading thoughts, moral feelings, and creative intentions for the new year. What will you need to unfold in your soul and in world over the next 12 months? 

Yes, this Inner Christmas Journey seems to ask you to bring more attention to your soul’s reality than you have ever done on your own.  Don’t hesitate.

Inner Advent, the Inner Christmas Messages, and Inner Epiphany give you calm, clear, and compassionate guidance for this path of transformative self-awareness and spiritual love.

Inner Advent

The Journey begins with Inner Advent in the deepening dusk of your soul’s year

…recollect with clarity your soul’s experiences of 2020

…reflect with reverence on all the meanings and mysteries of 2020

…release 2020 with courage and compassion and empty your soul in preparation for the Holy Nights

Inner Christmas Messages

The Journey moves into the illuminating darkness of the Holy Nights and your soul’s mysterious meeting with the Spirit

…wonder with a listening heart

…seek with a wise consciousness

…receive mysterious inspiration with deep understanding

Inner Epiphany

The Journey rises into the dawning of your soul’s new year with Inner Epiphany

…welcome the gifts you need for 2021

…stand in the river of your own purpose for 2021

…manifest the unique deeds of your own destiny


Meet Lynn

Your Guide for The Inner Christmas Journey


This is the 17th year of Inner Christmas Messages. The 17th theme that always seems inspired, not contrived. It is the 14th year of Inner Advent. Inner Epiphany was only offered once, seven years ago,

Lynn has been spiritually mentoring, coaching and supporting individual clients for 30 years. She gave her first workshop on “Money, Soul, and Spirit” in 1993. Since then she has designed and offered through the Imagine Self Academy over 25 programs for individuals who seek to find, know and become their highest self. Her courses challenge and comfort.

She is devoted to encouraging a deep understanding of the archetype of the human being and its unique expression in each and every individual.

This is what I offer/give: the ground of self-compassion, the direction of self-awareness, and the guidance for becoming fully alive. I offer the maps, the mirrors and the methods of selfhood.

I am a philosopher and spiritual researcher of the mysteries of self. I write about the meaning and purpose of self and the ways we unfold as self. Not simply instinctually, habitually, but creatively, consciously and willfully. I encourage the great questions: Who am I? Why am I here now? How do I love?


What a journey that was through the Holy Nights! I learned so much about myself–both my beautiful parts that I can now allow to shine more brilliantly, and the parts that need bolstering and encouragement to step out and show themselves.

This year will include the exciting adventure of integrating these parts, bringing them together, and doing the work of establishing harmony between them.


Kelli McAllister

Louisville, KY


Inner Advent: Bringing 2020 to a Meaningful Closure

The Inner Christmas Messages: The Dance of Differences & The Twelve Kindnesses.

Inner Epiphany: Imagining 2021 with Conscious Intention

Bonus Gift: The Inner Christmas Journey Journal