Initiative is the power of the individual (or community) to begin to manifest a new reality.  In other words, it is the courage and power to show up as yourself, contribute what only you can contribute and make the difference only you can make.

Initiative lives in initiates.  In ancient times there was a process of initiation lead by hierophants or gurus. In the evolution of consciousness, we now initiate ourselves with guidance from wise friends. Through the challenges and struggles of self-initiation, we imagine and develop our capacities to contribute to humanity. At some point we experience an inner shift, a graduation. Then we actually do it – we make our difference!

In the Gospel of John, we read the brief description of the first “difference” made by Jesus Christ, the changing of water to wine at the wedding at Cana.

In this description we can find a number of archetypal elements of initiative.  Paying attention to these elements and to the personal insights they inspire can bring to your soul a self-awareness that will support your self-initiation. I explore these in the audio.

Just let me say here that our individual path to our unique initiatives in not for sissies or slugs.  It takes courage and perseverance.  Most of us need to change our thinking, our values and our habits – step way out of the familiar box.  But remember we have been given the three gifts and immersed ourselves in the living waters of personal baptism, so we have been moving toward taking initiative our whole life.

In the audio below, I share my thoughts on the first sign or miracle of Jesus Christ and how we might find a model for fulfilling our destiny deeds.  Please leave your comments.

Note: I made the audio yesterday. When I listened to it, I was disappointed in my hesitancy at the beginning, a lot of ah’s and um’s, as if my thoughts were stammering into speech.  When we take initiative we often trip over time as in “my time has not come” translated into “my thoughts or my words have not come.”

Working with this inner mystery of the Wedding at Cana triggered a lot of resistance in me.The challenge to share my insights felt right, but not comfortable. Yet as I persevered, putting aside my hesitancy, the thoughts moved beyond my self-consciousness and I found the warmth of enthusiasm flowing into me as the thoughts became speech more gracefully. And the content and feeling of the thoughts became surprising to me, the speaker.  Do listen and forgive the stammering thoughts at the beginning and find the juicy flowing thoughts that come once I get out of the way.

Then last night, I saw “The King’s Speech.”

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 Following the process of relating to the three inner epiphany experiences of the manger, the river and the wedding, the soul’s cycle of the inner year takes us into an intensive exploration of how we imagine our personal contribution. Do you know what your contribution is? Do you want to learn a number of important insights and essential questions that will guide you on your path of self-initiation? Imagining Your Contribution begins in in two weeks. 

I will be sending out info on this program in a few days including the opportunity to register for a complementary teleseminar on Imagining Your Contribution next Sunday at 5PM GMT (that’s Noon Eastern and 9AM Pacific).