Inner Epiphany in the time in the cycle of the Inner Year when we notice the new light living in our souls from our Inner Christmas. We see the gifts of waking up, warming up, and wising up to ourselves and we realize our future begins now.

To understand the purpose of Inner Epiphany, we need to recall the Christian festival of Epiphany.  Three events in the life of Jesus Christ are celebrated on Epiphany: The arrival of the Three Wisemen offering their three gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh; the Baptism in the River Jordan; and, the first miracle of turning water to wine at the Wedding at Cana. All three events have to do with fulfilling destiny.

Each of these events understood from an esoteric and intimate perspective, guides us to our own personal epiphanies and the awareness of our own destinies. We discover our own inner epiphanies and begin our futures now through asking our souls certain questions.

The Three Gifts – Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold
Two plant resins and a mineral, what could they possibly mean to your destiny? If destiny is the incarnation (sudden or incremental) of your spirit, your inner divinity, into your physical body so that your thoughts, your feelings and your deeds are sound, meaningful and purposeful, why would you need the gesture and support of these three gifts?
Listen to this recording and find insight and inspiration.  You might learn what you are missing in your soul and discover what you need to request, develop, embrace.  We all need these gifts to spiritually flourish and fulfill.  
You can download the recording to your mp3 player and listen to it as you go for a walk or take a drive. It’s 23 minutes long.  
I made this audio last Epiphany with the intention to have it edited by my good friend Tony, but I never sent it to him – so I apologize for the first couple of minutes. 
Some thoughts you won’t find on the audio:  These gifts are given to a newborn. Clearly, you are not a babe from a material perspective.  But – the mystery of the human soul is that it can be “newborn” at anytime.  The soul also has wise imaginations and inner gifts that nurture the inner newborn.  As we begin a new year and wake up to our resolve to live into our destines, we need to receive our self-given gifts. 
Remember the inspiration for the Inner Year are the Christian Festivals.  You can listen to the audio and find an esoteric understanding of events in the life of Jesus Christ, but,  please, discover how these events live in your own inner life.