Inner Baptism

The second Inner Epiphany is the baptism in the living waters and the entry and embodiment of the divine intention into human consciousness, your individual consciousness.

When the three gifts of the first epiphany are doing their work. Your thought life is now living and flowing with truth through the gesture of frankincense. Your feeling life is calm and form an evolvng, growing beauty through the gesture of myrrh. Your will life is glowing with the warmth of the sun ready “to go for the gold,” the incorruptible deed or deeds of unselfish goodness.

You wait for your inner time.  You wait for your inner recognition.  You wait for the inner heavens to open up and this core spark of love and freedom to come down and enter into your own sacred heart. And then it happens. You feel your significance.

Inner Baptism can occur many times in a lifetime.  In the course of our own inner development we can dive into the living waters of our souls and find new recognition, a new sense of deed and timing, a new warmth of courage and direction many times. Our inner heavens open up and new love enters our souls many times.

In the audio which is about 30 minutes long, I offer some soul pictures of the experience of inner baptism.  I give some new perspectives on the Baptism of Jesus Christ, but mostly I explore this inner baptism of self. I talk about the muddy banks of the river that we must walk through to get into the water.  I talk about how to celebrate your inner baptism.  And much more.

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Download the audio. Go for a walk and listen to it. If you want to go deeply into this imagination, use my words as inspiration to find your own relationship to inner baptism, I have a few suggestions.  After the first walking listening, sit down with your journal or a blank word document on your computer, and listen to segments of the audio – the segments that appeal to you.  Then write your thoughts and responses.  Let your thoughts be as living waters. Let them flow. 

Next Sunday, I will send thoughts on the Wedding and the Wine.