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Messages for the Holy Nights 6 Celebrations Inner Advent Inner Epiphany

Inner Christmas guides your soul through quiet imaginations and gentle questions to a new birth of Self during the Twelve Holy Nights. Each message is written with wonder and encourages wonder.


Have you ever inwardly prepared for Christmas? With all the outer preparations, the time for the inner composing of your soul for the Holy Nights gets lost. Inner Advent brings soothing beauty and calm order to your thoughts and feelings.


The mood of Nativity is wonder. Wonder with pure openness and experience the innocent newness within your soul. Wonder silences and calms your heart allowing you to hear the cosmic choirs singing love into your life.


Inner Advent guides you on a reflective journey through your year to the manger in your soul. Behind all your Christmas activity, you prepare a sweet and humble place for your inner rebirth of spirit.


The soul filled with wonder receives wisdom. Birth your new wisdom through contemplations inspired by the 12 messages. Imaginations will arise to heal, liberate and empower your life.


Inner Epiphany brings three additional gifts: strength for your thinking, stability for your feeling and warmth for your will. They provide confidence and resolve to fulfill the potential of your new year.


Sweetening the birth of wisdom, is the attention to the Six Celebrations of the holiday. Each celebration honors an aspect of being human and deeply connects you to all of life.


Inner Christmas offers precious gifts to inspire the wonder and wisdom of new insights, new questions, new perspectives, new enthusiasm. Spend sacred time unwrapping each one. They are precious.

The Universal Christmas

Inner Christmas is celebrated by thousands of individuals, families and groups in over 70 countries around the world. Thousands contemplate and work with the same 12 messages and in this respect they share the same experience and feel the warmth of unity. Yet each celebrant engages with the 12 messages in their own unique way making Inner Christmas a truly inner and individual celebration. The Inner Christmas miracle appears in the enlivening of the world by the inner attention of the individual and the encouragement of the one by the participation of the many. The Christmas Star within the individual heart shines on the world and the Christmas Star of the heart of the World enlightens each individual heart. Whatever is newly born in your heart through the 12 Holy Nights of your Inner Christmas opens the future for all. You form gifts of love, of wonder and wisdom, that radiate into the Cosmos to then shine back on you and all others throughout the coming year. This video shares the universal elements of Inner Christmas.

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Your Unique Christmas

Your unique Christmas meaning is found in the thoughts and feelings that deepen, warm, and illumine a new sense of selfhood during the Twelve Holy Nights of the Inner Year. Inner Christmas provides a spiritual practice that nurtures to and celebrates your evolving individuality. Celebrate your unique Inner Christmas with the twelve daily messages.

The Messages:

Each day during the Twelve Holy Nights I send out an e-message to inspire your self-reflections. Each year there is a theme integrating the messages. You can learn about the messages here. Receive the Holy Nights’ messages beginning Christmas Night, join the Inner Christmas mailing list.

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I provide three additional elements to support your Inner Christmas practice:

The Six Celebrations Book:

Learn the six ways Christmas is celebrated in your soul and enrich the meaning of your unique Christmas and every day of your unique year. Learn about the Six Celebrations here.

Inner Advent:

A spiritual practice of recollecting, reviewing, and releasing the events of the year freeing the soul to meet the gifts of the Holy Nights. Learn about Inner Advent here.

Inner Epiphany:

A spiritual practice of recognizing the gifts of the Holy Nights, the fulfillment of your destiny and the essential deeds of the new year. Learn about Inner Epiphany here.