12 Messages from the Threshold


The theme for the Messages for 2023/24, the 20th year of Inner Christmas.

The Twelve Blessings for Sacred Sanity

The Four Great Archangels: Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and Michael will inspire our souls with 3 blessings each during the Holy Nights. These blessings support and encourage the health, well-being, and sanity of our souls and our daily life of practical patterns, our social life of moral responsibilities, and our own spiritual development of selfhood. They make it possible for us to celebrate our questions, our challenges, and our gifts.

What do you imagine as personal sacred sanity, your own precious intimate blessed consciousness? During the Holy Nights, let the Archangels inspire your sacred sanity with these qualities:

Gabriel Inspires Sapience

Blessings for confidence in yourself as a seeker of truth and wisdom…     awakening the Inner Gabriel.

Raphael Inspires Serenity

Blessings for confidence in yourself as a seeker of beauty and freedom…    awakening the Inner Raphael.

Uriel Inspires Sufficiency

Blessings for confidence in yourself as a seeker of goodness and love…    awakening the Inner Uriel

Michael Inspires Sovereignty

Blessings for confidence in yourself as a seeker of strength & selfhood…    awakening the Inner Michael.

Each Archangel will inspire

three messages for self-contemplation arriving each day


one conversation for the gathering of understanding on Zoom every third day 

You will receive:

  • The twelve Inner Christmas Messages – one each day plus an introductory message on Christmas Eve and a closing message on Epiphany.
  • A beautifully designed journal pdf to download and use for your own reflections on the Messages.
  • Invitations to the inspiring Zoom Gatherings every third day.

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Embrace the Essence of Your Soul’s Well-being

In celebration of the 20th Inner Christmas Messages, I invite you to journey into the soul’s well-being during the Twelve Holy Nights. This year’s theme, “The Twelve Blessings of Soul Sanity,” promises to enrich your understanding of the intricate interplay between your thinking, feeling, willing, and the overall experience of selfhood.

Guided by the Wisdom of the Human Soul for Two Decades

Continuing the tradition of the past 19 years, each message, spanning 500-700 words, acts as a guiding light to the Threshold of your soul. This sacred edge is where the ethereal meets the earthly, allowing the gods to impart their wisdom. 

As the veils of ordinary life lift, your soul opens inviting divine inspirations.

How to Approach the Threshold

The veils that lift as we approach the Threshold are the distorting feelings of needing to be right, the tension of feeling spiritually inadequate and unworthy, and the desire or expectation of a dramatic enlightenment. As each veil lifts, our soul relaxes into wonder and innocence. There is nothing to achieve or acquire during the Holy Nights. There is no judgement or test at the Threshold…just Love.

The Divine Designers of the Human Soul: Archangels Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and Michael

In the upcoming Holy Nights, our focus turns to the wisdom of the four great Archangels: Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and Michael. These celestial beings design and sustain the archetypes that govern complex human systems and behaviors. The archetypes are then given to the angels who create the distinct expression in form and function allowing individuality to manifest in each human being allowing each of us to say “I am.”

Unveiling Archetypes: A Gateway to Spiritual Growth

Understanding Our Relationship to Archetype

Consider the archetype as the divine blueprint, like the essence of an archetypal liver or the majestic form of a maple tree. Now, visualize your own liver or take a stroll in nature to witness the diversity of individual maple trees. Your liver (and each tree and every thing) reflects a unique expression—a rare reflection of the archetypal essence.

The Archangels, dwelling in the sacred realm of archetypes, shape the universal blueprints. On the other hand, your guardian angel oversees the manifestation of these archetypes within your soul. This distinction is crucial, for if we were mere replicas of the archetypal design, devoid of individuality, the concept of ‘I’ would cease to exist.

Think of a toddler pointing to a tree, seeing it as just a tree. While all trees embody the archetypal essence, there is no archetypal tree in nature. Instead, nature boasts a tapestry of unique trees, each with its distinct expression. Similarly, you are not an identical copy of the archetypal design but a beautifully unique manifestation guided by your angel.

Over the Holy Nights, the messages will guide you to perceive the archetypal blessings of the Four Great Archangels. In recognizing and embracing the individuality within the archetypes, you gain the ability to distinguish the unique presence of these celestial beings in your soul and the souls of others. At the threshold, catch glimpses of your angel connecting harmoniously with the archangels, awakening a deeper understanding of the divine dance between archetypes and personal expressions.

The Archangels’ Unique Gifts Unveiled

Gabriel’s Blessing of Sapience: Designing and balancing thinking, Gabriel bestows the gift of wisdom. In moments of confusion and uncertainty, Gabriel is the beacon we call upon to illuminate the path of truth.

Raphael’s Blessing of Serenity: Responsible for balancing feeling and beauty in our souls, Raphael guides us to a tranquil and centered state when faced with disturbance, distress, or anxiety.

Uriel’s Blessing of Sufficiency: Orchestrating willing and our experience of goodness, Uriel’s blessing ensures the efficient management of our inner resources in times of fatigue or overwhelm.

Michael’s Blessing of Sovereignty: Tasked with designing and balancing the ability to stand for truth, beauty, and goodness, Michael empowers us to radiate wisdom, freedom, and love when feelings of insignificance and threat arise.

 Cultivate Sacred Sanity for a Harmonious Existence

As you delve into the archetypes of the archangels, a profound understanding emerges. It becomes possible to care for the well-being of their gestures in your soul. This sacred sanity, awakened, strengthened, nourished, and harmonized during these Holy Nights, is the key to a more profound experience of self in your lifetime. Open to the Twelve Blessings of Soul Sanity and embrace the divine wisdom of the archangels during this sacred season.

The Messages and Zoom Conversations will Explore:

1. What is the significance of the archetypal blueprints designed by the Four Great Archangels—Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and Michael—in shaping our spiritual journey?

2. How does the unique expression of archetypes within our souls contribute to the development of our individuality and understanding of the self during the Twelve Holy Nights?

3. In what ways can we distinguish the presence of our guardian angel in the intricate dance between archetypal designs and our distinct expressions within the soul?

4. How does the understanding of archetypes and their blessings lead to the cultivation of sacred sanity, fostering awakening, strength, nourishment, and harmony in our daily lives?

5. What specific challenges or uncertainties can be addressed through invoking the blessing of sapience from Archangel Gabriel during moments of confusion and lack of clarity?

6. How does Archangel Raphael’s blessing of serenity guide us in finding tranquility and centeredness when faced with disturbances, distress, or anxiety in our souls?

7. In what practical ways can Archangel Uriel’s blessing of sufficiency assist us in managing our inner resources during times of fatigue or overwhelm, promoting a balanced and harmonious experience of goodness?

8. How does Archangel Michael’s blessing of sovereignty empower us to take a stand for truth, beauty, and goodness, radiating wisdom, freedom, and love, especially when feelings of insignificance and threat arise?


As you commit to the Holy Nights and the messages, remember that the value of these inspirations cannot be measured monetarily.

Consider the spiritual wealth you receive and pay what you feel guided to contribute. I have suggested two options and the third allows you to contribute any amount that feels right ( $1 – $1000).

I invite you to experience the joy of finding, knowing, and becoming your true self through the Inner Christmas Messages.