Your Inner Christmas Journey includes…

Releasing the Old Year

Inner Advent

In the deepening dusk of your soul’s year, prepare for the Holy Nights by  recollecting, reviewing and releasing 2022, the outer contexts and the inner content of all you have experienced. 

Conceiving the New Possibilities

The Inner Christmas Messages

In the embracing darkness of the Holy Nights, receive illuminating inspirations for the coming year. Let your soul contemplate, imagine, and journal about sweetness in your soul.

 Manifesting the New Year

Inner Epiphany

In the dawning of 2021, consider your leading thoughts, moral feelings, and creative intentions for the new year. What will you need to unfold in your soul and in world over the next 12 months? 

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The Inner Christmas Journey

Your journey includes

Inner Advent — The Year of Light ($67)

Inner Advent — The Year of Darkness ($67)

The Inner Christmas Messages: The Twelve Gifts of Sweetness ($28)

Inner Epiphany ($67)

Bonus: Imagining Your New Year ($67)

$296 value for $97.

The Value to Your Soul and Sense of Self…Priceless!

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