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The Dance of Differences

& The Twelve Kindnesses

the Inner Christmas Theme for 2020-21

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Dear Friend…

In many ways our times feel like a War of Differences, painful, endless, destructive, arrogant and lacking love, vulnerability, transparency and reverence. We have been living in a spiritual, moral and often, personal war zone.

One dark morning in mid-November, I felt the Inner Christmas theme inspiration I had been waiting for. The messages are to illuminate the Dance of Differences. I also was “told” to resend the messages from 2015 on the Twelve Kindnesses. To dance we need music and the music that plays for the Dance of Differences is kindness.

No one can win the War of Differences. Everyone can create harmony in the Dance of Differences. Over the 2020/21 Holy Nights, we will learn to dance at the holy edge of consciousness where Divine Spirit embraces our earthly lives and moves us forward with grace and blessing.

Differences can lead to fear and hatred or they can lead to love and creativity. 

This dance of differences can only happen when we recognize with reverence the complexities and contradictions living in our own unique individuality. Then we can have the same reverence for all that lives in others. We can come to understand that without this dance of differences there is no creativity and no evolution. 

The Music of the Dance of Differences

The Dance of Differences only happens when there is the music of kindness playing in the soul.

In 2016, the Inner Christmas Theme was the Twelve Kindnesses. This year, I am resending these messages on kindness, so we can dance the dance of differences. 

The Mystery of the Holy Nights

Nothing about the Holy Nights is sentimental. They are devotional and intentional. We connect with spiritual realities in ways that nurture and develop the highest capacities of our humanity and our individuality. We come to know ourselves, others, the world, and the future more deeply. We touch the realm of the Gods and they whisper into our souls’ inspirations of great significance.

I appreciate your commitment to the Holy Nights and your courage to live a more conscious life, ask deep questions and imagine beyond the ordinary. 

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The Inner Christmas Messages
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I have benefitted from Lynn’s work over the past several years.  My first introduction was experiencing the profound personal changes her Inner Christmas information and questions had on my own Christmas experience that year and the continued ripples throughout that year and into each Christmas season and my life in general.                                                                                                                                                                                               Diane B.

Now, reading, thinking, looking and listening to the Holy Nights Messages I’m very happy and grateful because your writing translates into my life. So, there are many resonances for my heart, soul, and understanding.

You write very well. Clear, deep, simply and with applicability in our life, day by day. 

WONDERFUL !!! So, thank you, very much.  

Maria Christina Leme Valle Mendonca


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