Today is a fiery New Moon  in Aries.  Venus and Mars are dancing very close to each other in the sky and relationships are very much alive.

I’ve been deeply impressed by the mature brilliance of Esther Perel, a couples therapist in NYC. I watched her TedX Valentine’s Day talk, along with over 1.4 million others, and loved it.  With compassion, intelligence, and humor, she languages insights into love and desire.  Her insights evoke an “of course!” response as if it was an almost conscious thought just waiting for the language to speak it. I posted the link to her talk below, but first please read on.

Esther Perel links love and curiosity. I wholeheartedly agree. Years of intimate conversations as a lover, a friend, a counselor have taught me the truth, beauty, and goodness of love=curiosity, but I had never put it in words.

What you love, you are unselfishly curious about.  Who are you curious about? Who is curious about you?

Let me put a twist on this wisdom…

Our Most Important Relationship

The most important relationship we engage in is the lifelong relationship with ourselves.

At the pearly gates we will first be asked, not how did you love others, but how did you love yourself?  How curious were you about yourself? Did you discover your truth? Did your truth evolve? Did you fulfill your purpose? Did you grasp your humanity and express your individuality?  There are more questions than we could ever ask about self-love and self-curiosity, but do you feel an “of course!” rising in your soul?

You see morally awakened self-love is what allows you to love the other as other in freedom.

This sacred love=curiosity is both longing and interest.  Do you long for yourself? Are you interested in yourself?

Not just an idealized version of yourself, but the dynamically real, unvarnished you – all parts.

How many times a day do you feel the question, “Who Am I?” or “Why am I like this?” or “Why did this happen?”
Can you open up to your I?
Never before in the evolution of consciousness have human beings been so self-aware, so inwardly curious, so eager to open up to the being that says I. Often, we lack the vocabulary, the language, to make the creative distinctions needed to organize and express our self-awareness. The Basics of I provides the archetypal vocabulary for languaging your I-opening thoughts so you can build the living imagination of self beyond the instincts of “me.”
I passionately love and I am passionately curious about how we each answer questions like that. This passion led me to develop and offer all the Imagine Self courses. Today I am opening up registration for a new and profoundly important course, The Basics of I.

An I-Opening Course

The Basics of I gives you the building blocks of being human so that you can build a rich imagination of your individuality. The course is I-opening.

It is practical, scientific, and spiritual. In all my courses and most of my messages, I often speak or write about the fourfold expression of being human (the physical body, the etheric or life body, the astral or soul body, and the spirit or I). I am always making distinctions around the threefold soul functions of thinking, feeling, and willing.  I love to examine the polarities we live between. The Basics of I will give you a thoughtful, clear, living imagination of the fourfoldness, threefoldness, twofoldness of your individuality framed by the paradox of our vast complexity and our profound simple singularity.

The Basics of I will give you a powerful ground on which to stand as you continue to unfold your extraordinary individuality throughout the rest of your life.

Personally, I can’t imagine how different my life would have been if I had been taught this course in high school and Sunday school. Or if my parents had had this course instead of reading Dr. Spock. Of if the therapists I worked with over the years had this understanding…the building blocks of my experience of I.

All the information on The Basics of I course can be found here. You will find the usual info on the course material, who should take it, what the bnefits are, etc.

If you already know you want to take the course you can register here. Just click this button.


Here is the Esther Perel video