The Basics of I


an Inner Source course


There are seven billion definitions for I right now.

What is yours?


This course provides the key generic elements for defining your I. It provides the vocabulary and the grammar, so you can speak the sentences, tell your story and define I.

Learn to tell, not only your story, but the story of other human beings and all that human beings do as groups. Yes, you will be able to tell the stories of relationships and organizations.

It’s a wonderfully simple understanding that allows us to make sense of something utterly complex and unique – the individual, you, me, each of us.



The Building Blocks of Your Individuality

The Basics of I is an introduction to knowing yourself. It teaches the elemental building blocks of being human.

When you have these building blocks, you can then sort out your individuality. You can define your I without going into overwhelm, confusion, or doubt.

The course deconstructs the archetype of the human being into the basic parts, names them, imagines how each part is experienced, organizes them, and guides you to reconstructing them into a coherent, integrated and meaningful sense of self. It’s as easy a 4, 3, 2, 1!

4, 3, 2, 1 represent the number of organizing principles or archetypes of parts and the relationships between those parts that shape the way our I-consciousness shows up, evolves, and takes action in our lifetime.


The Big Benefits of the Basics of I

If we learn these organizing elements and begin to creatively recognize them we can find, know, and become a fully imagined self.

Begin developing the self-knowledge and felt self sense that allows you to say I with confidence and ease.

Begin establishing a conscious, creative, confident intimate relationship with yourself.

Begin seeing through all the narratives and veils of your life and peek at the divinity within.

Am I addicted to your classes?   That’s one story….
I do know that your presence, through your classes, emails, and telephone consults keeps alive in me the striving toward an ideal, a soul consciousness, that easily becomes dimmed by the demands, conflicts and even the celebrations, of “life on the surface”.  You keep re-minding us of a whole other plane of being and meaning.   For that, and for you, I am grateful,    Marilyn Dixon


The Course Design

Session One — The Complexity of Self

Let’s face it — we are complex…incredibly complex. So let’s dive into the complexity. One of the amazing gifts of of being human is the capacity to perceive the complexity of self.

Exploring the vast mysteries of the human being sets the context for unfolding the Basics of I.

An individual human being is a complex combination of very complex systems actively relating to each other in complex ways. This session looks at the complexity of all these complexities from spiritual, psychological, biological, and practical perspectives.

Session Two — The Fourfold Self

Here we will look at the four bodies that shape our experience of I: our physical body in space; our etheric body in time; our astral body of consciousness and relationships; and finally, our spirit holding the everlasting kernal of the divine.

We will examine how each of these bodies aligns with and relates to other fourfold archetypes. Understanding the fourfold design of the human being brings a practical wisdom to all activities of life.

Session Three — The Threefold Self

Each of us find ourselves in an inner stream of thoughts and feelings that lead to all kinds of actions. These activities define our soul life. Although they fill our consciousness and manifest in all we do, the functions of thinking, feeling, and willing are challenging to comprehend, distinguish, and regulate.

This session will guide you through the mysteries of your soul life. We will consider other threefold archetypes and see how the relate to thinking, feeling, and willing.

Session Four — The Twofold Self

We find our individuality as we move between two poles.

As babies we were rocked from side to side and bounced up and down. We were held close and left helplessly alone.We knew hunger and satisfaction. Through these and many other simple polarities our sense of self and the speaking of I is awakened.

Polarities are key to becoming ourselves. We live in the paradox of polarities. The key ones that will be explored in this session are masculine and feminine, self and other, center and periphery, expansion and contraction, and spirit and matter.

Session Five — The All One Self

Our final session challenges and comforts as we explore the ultimate human mystery — the inner earthly experience of solitary individuality combined with the spiritual transcendent reality of being one with all. This oneness is breathtaking and cannot be experienced unless we first embrace our complexity, our fourfoldness, threefoldness, and twofoldness.


The Logistics

Cost: $97 – $47.  I have a personal policy regarding the cost of my programs: I do not want financial challenges to create an obstacle to your participation. On the payment page there are three fee options: $97, $67, $47. You can choose the payment that is affordable given your financial realities.  If you need further assistance, please contact me.


Webinar materials and call info will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Delivery of the course

Each session is thoughtfully and beautifully designed but not scripted. There is a warmth and creativity in the presentation that allows for inspiration and spontaneity.

The sessions are recorded and available for downloading and relistening.

You will receive valuable materials providing rich clarity that often include worksheets.

The technical part is quite simple.



Is this course for you?

Of course! If you say I, it’s for you. I wonder what this world would be like if everyone had this course in high school.

If you work intimately with others as a teacher, healer, spiritual guide you will find this course a powerful support to your effective engagement with others.

If you feel emotionally wounded, you will learn the location of the wound, see it in relationship to all the parts of self and develop creative self-healing that is filled with the wisdom of your humanity.

If you feel confusion or doubt about understanding yourself or someone you love, you will get “sorted out” and find new clarity.

If you are a parent, you will find new insights into the development of the child and the developmental process you are nurturing and witnessing in your son or daughter.



The Source of the Material

I first became aware of these archetypes in my study of Anthropsophy, the world wisdom brought forth by Rudolf Steiner over 25 years ago. They became fundamental to the personal healing of my traumatic childhood, to the insight and compassion I bring to my work with my clients, and to the guidance I offer through my writing and teaching others to find, know, and become the fully imagined self.

I am writing to thank you for sharing your own unique understanding of Anthroposophy.  Several of the things you brought to us at the conference really touched me at the time and have stayed with me in a very deep way. Kathryn P.

Thank you for the inspirational material. As a follower of Rudolf Steiner (at at distance) and an ex-Waldorf School parent, I have appreciated your refreshing approach to spiritual insights and the accessible, creative way in which Anthroposophy can be presented. Martin F