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Holy Saturday – Your Inner Easter Quest

Welcome to Hades, to Hell, to the Burning, Isolating Sea of No Redemption. Is this a familiar place for you? It is for me, especially in the middle of a sleepless night. The Entombment How do you inwardly bury yourself or parts of yourself? Just choose one of your entombed parts…there are probably many. Is […]

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Good Friday – Your Inner Easter Quest

I tremble at the realization that as I write these four Inner Easter posts, I am asking each of us to find our solitary way into a consciousness of unbearable feeling — even the joy of resurrection, if truly felt, is too intense for full consciousness. I am not suggesting that we not live into […]

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The Meaning of Community

Imagining Relationship – the Focus of the Soul in Springtime For over five years I have been exploring, imagining, researching the seasons of nature and the seasons of the soul.   I look at the way nature works, nurtures life and death, silence and song, storms and sunny sweetness, the magic of dusk and dawn, […]

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