Welcome to Hades, to Hell, to the Burning, Isolating Sea of No Redemption.
Is this a familiar place for you? It is for me, especially in the middle of a sleepless night.

The Entombment
How do you inwardly bury yourself or parts of yourself? Just choose one of your entombed parts…there are probably many. Is it the part that is filled with love to give, talents to express, hungers to nourish, wounds to heal?

The Entombment of the body of Jesus Christ was an elaborate ritual of cleansing, oiling, praying, singing, wrapping the divine body with reverence and placing it in the tomb with the deepest love.

How elaborately to you prepare your parts for burial? If you are like me, it is not just elaborate, the preparation is grandiose in self-cruelty. I soil my inner parts with disregard and shame, I oil my inner parts with self-disgust, I curse and grind my teeth, and finally I rip away any final shreds of self-worth and kick myself into the bottomless pit of self-hatred.

What original sin do I see in those parts of myself?

The Descent into the Realm of the Dead

Can your luminous I consciously descend into the pit of self-hatred bringing self-compassion and self-forgiveness to the suffering parts of your soul? Can this spirit-filled self reach the bottom of the pit and shine warmth and light into all the darkest crevices?

This is not a dramatic deed. It is a tender deed arising from within your Holy of Holies.

All the Hosts of Heaven watch you with awe as you do this.

Bringing the Righteous into Heaven

When you have descended to the bottom and seen these unloved parts of yourself, imagine a harmony permeating these lost parts. The Logos within you opens up and emits a cosmic, yet uniquely personal hum filling all the newly lit spaces of your inner hell with a redemptive sounding. Can you simply turn now and begin the ascent as the reunited wholeness of yourself?