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Wonder of Childhood Interview

Interview with Lynn Jericho and Give Away I am so very excited and honored to bring you this interview with Lynn Jericho. Lynn’s work is so powerful, healing and transformative. Lynn works out of Anthropsophy and brings  such a dynamic and fertile living element to ideas and phrases bantered about and read in texts. She […]

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Pistachio Memories

What are Pistachio Memories? They are not nutty! All memories feed your soul, actually nurture your inner maturity, when you “work” with them in the right context.  Lifting the Veils provides the right context: exploring eight archetypal relationships that shaped your childhood and your adult life inspiring and creative questions to evoke your memories a […]

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A New Independence

 Happy 4th of July!   Give yourself a new independence!   My Mother’s Day post and my Father’s Day post generated a large number of personal emails and requests for private conversations with me. I am not surprised as how we were mothered and fathered is the source of many of our self-concerns, all the […]

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