What are Pistachio Memories? They are not nutty!

All memories feed your soul, actually nurture your inner maturity, when you “work” with them in the right context.  Lifting the Veils provides the right context:

  • exploring eight archetypal relationships that shaped your childhood and your adult life
  • inspiring and creative questions to evoke your memories
  • a compassionate way to free your recollections from drama and idealization
  • warm conversations with a partner supporting deeper exploration
  • respectful group interaction offering confidential and thoughtful listening.

There is no other program available that provides this rich a biographical process. When I offered this last year the participants were amazed at how much self-insight and self-understanding grew in their hearts. You don’t want to miss this. I will not be offering this program again this year. To learn more

Pistachio Memories

I often ask n inner question before falling asleep. I seek inspiration, insight, meaning or direction. If I ask the question with an open heart, my first morning thoughts are often filled with creative response. And sometimes the surprising and delightful imprint of Cosmic Humor appears and I need to do some morning questions — what on earth…?

Pistachio Memories is one of these profound and funny morning thoughts.

My entering-sleep question focused on what I needed to write about the Lifting the Veils course I am offering that I hadn’t written before.  I woke up to thoughts of pistachios.


Now what could pistachio nuts have to do with a course on biographical empowerment and freedom?  Here are the very revealing metaphors.

Pistachio shells are opened by the nut. Somehow the nut grows too big for the shell and forces the shell to open.  But most of the nut remains hidden by the shell and can only break free with the conscious manipulative efforts of a human being.

Think about your early childhood memories.  Some can easily, but partially, be remembered.  In order to release the full memory, we must work at it. Ask the right questions, explore it from different perspectives, and persevere.

Some pistachios have not burst their shell. These are called closed mouth.  They require extra effort.  What are your closed mouth memories of your early years? What story would they tell you, if you opened them up?

Lifting the Veils breaks apart the shell and releases the full memory.

I did a google on pistachios and found more rich connections with memories.  I am sure you remember the pinky red shells of pistachios.  These were dyed red in order to hide the dark, unappealing stains on the shells which came from the handling by the pickers. Now, with machines doing the picking, not oily hands, the shells are free of stains.

How do you stain and then dye the shells of your memories? What is the true color of the shell? In understanding the “archetype” of early childhood development you can see the unblemished, free from karma, free from trauma, possibility and recognized how you “dye” the shells of your early experiences and see why? 

Finally, there is the nut meat itself.  It turns out the pistachio is the healthiest of nuts, particularly good for the heart. Like pistachios, memories released from their dyed and undyed shells, offer the richest nutrients for knowing yourself and becoming yourself.

Pistachio memories are the ones that are half revealed and half hidden by the shell that has kept them safe until you came to the point in your life it is time you break apart the shell and feed on the memory.

Lifting the Veils will free your memories, feed your soul, and develop your selfhood. To learn more about the program go here.

Don’t forget to ask the question, before you fall asleep tonight.  You might want to ask if it is important for your inner life to take Lifting the Veils.  :-}

Meanwhile, I am going to buy a bag of pistachios and break open the shells and eat the wonderful nutritious nuts.