Archive | April, 2010

Courage and Sacred Conversations

 It is amazing how the gods support our intentions.  My intention was to write a second email about sacred conversations.  I want a lot of you to register for my teleseminar, The Elements of Sacred Conversations. Why? Because the two 90-minute sessions will give you a foundation for and an imagination of the real capacity […]

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Inner Easter – Your Resurrection

This Easter Sunday feel the sun rising in your heart of hearts flooding you with the light of freedom and the warmth of love.  Be new.    This newness is not a new reflection of the old, familiar you.  It is new to the core. Everything in you that could suffer and die, everything in […]

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Inner Easter – Holy Saturday

Most of our Easter education gives little attention to Holy Saturday and the Descent into Hell.  Probably the Church fathers chose to neglect the harrowing of hell because it indicated the Christ forgave all sins and released souls from the eternal fires of hell.  Where is the supremacy of the Church, of the priesthood, if […]

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