Most of our Easter education gives little attention to Holy Saturday and the Descent into Hell.  Probably the Church fathers chose to neglect the harrowing of hell because it indicated the Christ forgave all sins and released souls from the eternal fires of hell.  Where is the supremacy of the Church, of the priesthood, if the Christ forgives all sins, not the Church and it’s priests in whatever hierarchical power?
Where is your relationship to your inner redemption if it is freed from the punishment of the eternal threat of brimstone?  What if freedom is not a magic wand, a fairy godmother’s beneficent gesture , but dependent, actually exalted, by a conscious descent into the darkest, fiercest, most excruciating self-examination and compassionate self-judgment you are capable of?  Yes, it is frightening and truly, a personal threshold but the result is a possibility of Inner Resurrection.
 How do you descend into Hell? and for what inner purpose? 
Is there inner resurrection without inner redemption? 

How do you go into your own inner hell?
Why go into your own inner hell?

Each of us finds freedom and joy when we willingly enter into our own inner hell and find our way out.  We bring with us all that we have struggled to meet and forgive in our own individuality.

Listen to the audio with self-compassion. Be strong in meeting the parts of your soul that feel served by the fires of self- judgment.

Please share with me and the other companions descending into hell consciously, what you learn and what you forgive.  Each of us needs support for the deed of self-compassion.

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Tomorrow we face the mystery of joy, the mystery of inner resurrection.