Archive | August, 2009

The Mysteries of Balance

A harmonious life is a life of balance. Harmony and balance are feelings, not things! All feelings are experiences belonging to an individual in momentary experiences. However, following our feelings and engaging in objective and compassionate perspective on our lives, our goals and our difficulties, we can design, establish and celebrate our own balanced lives. […]

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Give a Party with Meaning

Two of my clients have recently had surgery for cancer – one for third-stage ovarian cancer and the other for metastatic breast cancer. Both these women are intelligent, resourceful, creative and courageous. Both are working with traditional and alternative healing approaches. Cancer has inspired both to find deeper self-awareness, ask profound spiritual questions, and to […]

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Defining and Finding Balance

The Mysteries and Questions of Balance Late summer, as the crispness of autumn air begins to energize us, we find the cosmic forces supporting our souls in the organization of our lives. This is the time of year to contemplate balance. How balanced is your life? How balanced would you like it to be? What […]

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