A harmonious life is a life of balance. Harmony and balance are feelings, not things! All feelings are experiences belonging to an individual in momentary experiences. However, following our feelings and engaging in objective and compassionate perspective on our lives, our goals and our difficulties, we can design, establish and celebrate our own balanced lives.

Here a couple of insights to help you find greater, more creative balance in your life, practically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Static Balance and the Dynamic Balance

I was friends with a man who wrote an engineering textbook on statics and dynamics. Statics are the things that are not active and never change and dynamics are the things that are always active and changing. It helps to think like an engineer when you are working on balancing your life. Categorizing the elements of your life into statics and dynamics is a first step to designing and building a balanced life.

I have an affinity for dynamics. I naturally bring change and activity into my life. (Writing this is giving me a whole new perspective on ADD/ADHD). I do not have a very conscious or comfortable relationship with most things static. Before I can create a balanced life I need to begin a new relationship to statics and dynamics. I need to learn to limit my indulgence and attention to the dynamic elements of my life and overcome my reluctance to be conscious of and appreciate the static elements. I then need to fit the static elements together with the dynamic ones in a way that works for me, for my goals for living a richly balanced life.


Being balanced may require us to be out of balance or rather off center. Balance is not about equal parts, it is about equilibrium.

Balance comes from right relationship and right measure. As I write, Julia and Julie is a very popular new movie. It is a film about recipes and great food. Julia Child was a great cook because she worked and worked on balance – finding the right ingredients in the right measure in the right combination and cooked rightly. Julia felt wonderful when she sat down after cooking and surrendered to the joy of her meal. She was an engineer, a manager and an artist in the kitchen as she balanced her life as a cook.

Does your life have the right ingredients in the right measure? Do you combine them well? Do you know you know how the right temperature and the right cooking time to bring the flavors of your harmonious life to elegant expression? What is your recipe for a balanced life? My teleseminar will help the participants determine their own recipe – Mastering the Art of Balanced Living. 😉

The Space Between

Another aspect of balance I want to share with you is the notion of “between.” Many of our questions of balance come from our experience of “between.” Between has a number of definitions. The definition I use here is the sense of conflict, of being pulled by two opposing realities. Living gracefully “between,” feeling a confidence of self while confronting the conflicts is something toward which you aspire and strive.

Harmony is an inner peace you feel in the space between.

between how you want to live and how you actually live.

between how you want your space to be and how your space actually is.

between what you want to accomplish and what you actually accomplish

between all you want to do and how much time you actually have to do it.

between all the attention you want to give to others and all the attention you want to give to yourself.

between all the things that you want and need and the money you have.

between your need law and order and your need for freedom and creative chaos.

In “the space between” you make most of your decisions and choices. In “the space between” you find the mood of your life. In this sacred space of balance you can tell your truth.

My Balanced Life

Do I have balance and harmony in my life? Yes! No! I have some balance and the feelings of harmony are growing as I examine my personal dynamics of balance. It’s an evolving process. Life is about increasing the simplicity of managing my increasing complexity – a balancing act, not a juggling act. I know that I am increasing my mastery of balance. Balance has become less of a high wire act and more of my feet moving gracefully along a winding path that sometimes takes me to cliffsides, battered with gale force winds. I haven’t fallen yet. In fact I don’t anxiously cling to soothing supports anymore. I feel my feet on the ground, my head upright, and my heart open.

If you were to create a dynamic design for a balanced life specific to your style, needs and quirks, where would you begin?

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