What is your work? This may or may not be about your job. It is definitely about you and your destiny.

Work is intention, effort, activity and accomplishment.

What effort and activity goes into your thinking life? Into your feeling life? Into your life in the world? Into your relationships? Into your job? Into your evolving? Into becoming free? Into loving and being kind? (Well, I am going to stop here, but clearly there are so many more areas of being and becoming you that require work – see what comes up for you and pay attention to it.)

Here are a few questions about you and your work that will help you understand yourself and your work. Contemplate each one and write your thoughts and feelings down.

What are you

Working on?

Working through?

Working with?

Working for?

Working toward?

Working out of?

Working into?

Working around?

I am sure, with thought, you can discover answers to each of these questions and learn so much about yourself.

To bring even more insights work with these questions…

Do you experience satisfaction, pleasure, flow, and meaning in all the various ways work appears in your life?

How do you experience struggle, disappointment, heartbreak, boredom, anger in each?

And what do you learn about yourself from these observations?

Remember: don’t make dramas out of the difficulties and don’t make ideals out of the positives. These two polarities are stories and fantasies that hide reality. Your life, everyone’s life, has dramatic and ideal moments. When you put your energy and your consciousness into avoiding drama and seeking ideal, you will miss the lessons and the gifts of your real life.

Let me share some of my own reflections on my workings:

For me working on my new website is the most difficult. Teaching, counseling, speaking are joyful creativity and I truly experience flow, meaning, pleasure. But describing it all, in a way that is fixed and not fluid, is very, very challenging and a struggle.

I am working toward having a stronger will and creative joy around the fixed elements of my work. This is really about my issues with being a spiritual teacher/friend and being a self-supporting business woman. It is also about working on developing a way to effectively describe the very living, evolving and mysterious process of the Imagine Self work as a defined, clear, activity that people will want to engage with and invest their time, attention and money in.

I am working out (of) my dramas and my ideals around love and money. Yes, I have my stories and my fantasies and it is time to let go of them. They seduce me away from my productive and real work and from the rich complexity and possibilities of real relationship. The hardest and most liberating truth I must deal with in working out my love and money issues is noticing how identified and attached I am to my Oscar-winning screenplay!

Change Your Relationship to Work

The work of writing this post has brought new light and new grounding to my own imagination of work. I feel more awake and more empowered now.

How do you feel having read this? Will you work on the questions? Leave your comments please – They are a gift to others.

Wouldn’t you love to arrive at the spring Equinox – your Inner Spring – with a new relationship to work and a clearer sense of your ability to fulfill your destiny and make your contribution to the world and the future?

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