What is happiness? What makes you happy?

It’s Springtime and I am thinking about happiness. A happiness that is both personal and archetypal.

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere and Autumn has just arrived, happiness may not be in the air, but I am sure it is in your heart.

Nature seems happy. The air feels happy.  The world around me is bursting with life and in spite of my busyness and a few challenges, I feel full of good energy and smiles.  Do you?

Wondering about happiness inspired me to write a list poem about what makes me happy and I wanted to share with you.  Perhaps it will inspire you to write your own or maybe you will find yourself nodding yes as you read the causes of my happiness. My list shares what stimulates feelings of happiness in me, in the past, the present and the future. I could/should say “I feel happy when…”

My list details a number of causes of a feeling of happiness for me. Happiness is the effect.  

I am not looking for the causes of pleasure like a great massage, a piece of dark chocolate, buying a great pair of shoes, winning the lottery, my grandchild’s smiling eyes, etc.  I am looking at moral happiness, creative happiness, the kind of happiness that makes angels smile (how do angels smile?). Moral happiness elicits a connection with the divine and the best of being alive.  It also is so very personal and so freeing.

Please, spend some time with happiness and write down your list/poem, then  share what causes your happiness moments in the comments below. And share this message through social media . Let’s see how many causes of moral happiness we can share!

Yes, I am asking you to give your precious time and precious attention to thinking, real deep thinking, about what gives you moral happiness.  Give it a few minutes, you will find yourself experiencing the moral happiness that comes from knowing yourself. Make your soul smile and your angel smile!

Here is my list of some of the causes of my happiness:

It is truth understood.

It is beauty felt.

It is goodness done.


It is an epiphany awakened.

It is a temptation vanquished.

It is a trial undertaken and overcome.

It is a new me that always knew.


It is a question that enlivens forever.


It is a swing that rises ever higher.

It is a floating on a magical sea.

It is wafting on a warm breeze after the hurricane.

It is the solid coolness of the earth.

It is the budding of my flowering heart.


It is the pulsing presence of wonder.

It is the soft ringing tone of wisdom.

It is the deep feeling of “all is well” in my body.

It is the willingness to accept necessary discomfort.

It is thinking about what makes me morally happy.