Yesterday was the Easter Equinox, the day that day and night are equal in nature. It is a turning point in the year – the relationship of light and dark crosses a threshold.

Do you see or sense it? Probably not. Turning points, no matter how profound are rarely noticeable or obvious. It is a point, a moment, so hard to observe.

You notice when the new reality or relationship has become dramatic enough to get your attention, when you have developed enough consciousness sensitivity to perceive it, or you have the emotional equanimity to not be fearful of turning points.

This is true with all turning points – the ones in nature and the ones in our souls. As I look at turning points, I see the threshold between life and death, death and life. Something in me dies and something new is born – a new perspective, a new form, a new activity, a new relationship.

Think about your personal turning points. Was the turning point an event, an encounter, a new environment?

Look at work, relationship, your sense of self management, or your sense of moral development and write down 3-5 turning points. How did you turn toward growing light or growing darkness? Or what was born into your life of soul, or what died?

Now in reflection, ask yourself the questions that lead to finding yourself, knowing yourself, becoming yourself. “What happened? How did I realize this turning had occurred? Did I miss the point? Was I afraid? Did I celebrate?

Please note that the turning points in your childhood are often painful ones, which may have left you traumatized. To take up a practice of observing your turning points can be healing for these traumas, liberating from biographical limitations and empowering of your resolution of karma and fulfillment of destiny. Understandably you may want to avoid turning points altogether, but they do occur. Find your confidence.

Observing the point of turning as close to the point as possible indicates a highly developed sense of self. Work at this and you will be rewarded with an inner alertness that feels good and right regardless of the nature of your turning point.