Dear Friends,

For weeks I have been mulling over the possibilities of offering a biography workshop over the phone. The impulse to do this will not fade, so here it goes. Do you want to participate? I am setting a limit of 8 participants.

What is biography work? It is a creative study of your life – how you have come to be who you are today. It is done with a group so that each participant’s life reflections can inspire the others. The work follows the archetypal phases and themes of human development.

Your life is a path to emotional maturity, psychological balance and spiritual freedom.What are the steps you have taken on this path? Has the path been clear and easy or filled with mysterious turns, steep climbs, slippery slopes? When have you found extraordinary vistas or had to hack your way through rough vegatation? Have you strayed away from you life path, taken detours, fallen asleep along the way? Who has shared the path with you, given you good directions, and urged you forward?

Give yourself 15 hours over ten weeks to focus on your life. That is less than a day in your life given to understanding your entire life. Biography work lets all the days of your future shine with more brightly with self-awareness, self-compassion, self-direction.

What can you learn from taking warm interest in the paths others have walked? Can you be inspired by others? Can you recognize your self in another’s life? A biography group is a karmic constellation of mirrors. You will see yourself in other’s lives and be profoundly moved. You will find the stories of your life, healing, illuminating and comforting the lives of others. You will find a growing compassion for all others as you find more and more sensitivity to the forces at play in each individual’s life.

Through Your Life’s Looking Glass is a workshop of 10 – 90 minute teleseminars of guided and shared reflections on your personal biography – the stories of your life.

The intial five sessions will focus on the 7 year phases of human development. Each phase awakens and matures certain capacities eg. from birth to age 7 we are learning about our physical body and the physical world and we are held closely by our family. Each member of the group is asked to share about their favorite space in their home and to describe their favorite relative.

The final five sessions will explore archetypal themes such as money, spirituality and religion, nature, fear, strokes of fate, etc. I do not determine the themes until the fifth session as I base the themes on what has been revealed in the work of the group. Let’s consider money – we may explore family attitudes about wealth, material possessions, financial autonomy, financial abandonment, etc. Each participant might be asked to describe early memories and feelings about buying something special for themselves or buying a gift for someone else and then look at the meaning of those gestures today.

Will you devote 15 hours of your life to a process that will illuminate your present, heal your past, and liberate your future?

Will you see your own life mirrored in the life stories of seven other individual? Will you accept the warm observations of your life and offer your own observations to others with compassion and gratitude?

I create a mood of safety, sacredness and significance for the group. I expect openness, courage, and reverence from the participants.

This workshop is open to those living 45 driving minutes outside Manhattan. For those within the NY metro area I am giving a biography workshop beginning Monday, March 10, at ASNYC, 138 West 15th Street, NYC. Go here for more info.

The cost for the biography teleworkshop is $300. The dates are Thursdays, March 13 through May 15th. The time is 7-8:30PM Eastern.

To register or to get more information call me at 201-333-9106 or email me at [email protected].