As I grow older I become more aware how important relationships and the conversations that provide the substance of these relationships are. Of all these relationships and conversations, the most meaningful are often the ones we have with the beings we cannot perceive with our ordinary senses. They are a surrounding presence of spiritual companions overflowing with love waiting for us to engage. 

How did you (do you) experience the surrounding presence of spiritual beings? Do you know them by name? Do you know their special purposes? Do you involve them in your life?


As a little girl, I loved the idea of a guardian angel. It was vague in my young mind, but so very real and warm in my heart.  

I wish I had been told I could actually have a conversation with my guardian angel. I said a prayer before bed when I was little. Then I became full of questions to which I received simplistic parental answers. I read Bible stories. But I needed conversation. I also needed introduction to the spirits of the doorways and the beings in the trees. I needed the surrounding presence to be vital, close and distinct, not vague and distant.

Leap forward 30 years through marriage and divorce, motherhood, therapy, lots of reading, lots of questioning and finally, coming to the expansive spiritual teaching and practical imagination of Rudolf Steiner, I started to learn more, much more about the complexity of beings and how to have engaging conversations with them.

My Spiritual Companions and Our Conversations

The Oneness of Source, God, Allah, Jehovah, the Great Mother is oceanic and beyond measurement. It is also beyond voice and speech and engagement. It embraces everything and we become one. But I am a seeker of the universal in the individual, I love the parts and want to know them so that the whole becomes distinct, intimate and warm. 

I engage with four major levels of spiritual companions:

The most intimate engagement is with my guardian angel. We each have a guardian angel. Organizations have a guardian angel.

Then comes the Hierarchies: Angels, Archangels, Archai, Exusiai, Dynamis, Kyriotetes, Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim. Each of these choirs has a role in

Elementals, nature spirits and object spirits hold together our earthly world.

And all the human spirits: the dead and the unborn

How I engage with my spiritual companions.

My guardian angel protects my destiny, answers my deepest questions, and cheers my moral development. My conversations with my guardian angel are so … well, it depends on the content/question.  They are not about being rescued. They are about understanding. Not why is this happening to me (a victim cry) but what is the lesson, the understanding, the meaning?

I don’t want to walk in the woods and simply experience Nature’s beauty. I want to know the beings that dwell in the tree, the moss, the stream. These little ones make life healthy…they purify the air, nurture our plant food, enliven our water. They need our attention.  So I walk by and smile, touch a leaf, say hi, but most importantly, I think thoughts of moral meaning. I allow myself to hold beauty with confidence. I connect my will to the core of the earth and the center of the sun.  My soul then becomes a beacon of love for these nature spirits.

I want to laugh with the object spirit that sits among all my books always able to pull my eye to the one that holds the answer to my question. I  say thank you. These little house beings also give us the nudge to clean and straighten up our homes.  Our clutter and dust make them miserable. 

More than a panoply of Heavenly Hosts, I want to understand the presence of archangels, the sacrifice of the Thrones, the dance of the Dynamis. In what magnificent ways can I relate to each of the nine Spiritual Hierarchies with their beautiful names and their profound deeds? Now connecting with the higher choirs seems impossible, so I have a way of surrendering into forms, flows and cosmic functions. Wish I could explain this simply. In the course (see below) I have much to share about this experience.

I want to sing to the dead. I humbly express forgiveness, gratitude and love to the no-longer incarnated human spirits. I smile with hope and courage at the souls waiting to be conceived into a new lifetime. And I continually work to see the shining of pure selfhood in those that share these times with me.

Many people read to the dead and I do believe it is very comforting to these souls. I share with them my earthly questions as they know what it is like to experience earthly human existence. They give me new ways to understand my memories.


What a difference it makes to understand all our spiritual companions and understand our mutually significant connection. They need us to nurture them as they nurture us.

I believe it is our engagement with our spiritual companions that gives us the ability to know ourselves and each other as beings of destiny capable of truth, beauty and goodness. When we are actively engaged with our spiritual companions we awaken to our inner freedom and the ability to universally love all that our hearts.

When we don’t engage them, our souls start to wither and we feel morally depleted. And there is this devastating feeling of spiritual isolation. So much of our insomnia, anxiety and depression comes because we have lost touch with our invisible companions and their surrounding presence.

Reaching Out to Your Spiritual Companions

Several years ago, I put together a 4-part audio course offering a guide for Engaging Our Spiritual Companions. The four hours of audio provide a practical and inspiring guide. You will be encouraged to think, question and begin to more consciously engage with your guardian angel, the spiritual hierarchies, the spirits in nature and things, and the spirits of the dead and unborn.

I also share very valuable insights regarding the four forms of communication with our companions: prayer, contemplation, meditation and conversation.

November is the perfect time of year to take this self-directed course. I am making it available between now and November 10th.  Your Guardian Angel and so many others are waiting!

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