In the next few hours we will experience the Solstice in the outer world.

In the calendar of the soul we can imagine surrendering to the three days of soul stillness and emptiness that fall between the release of the old inner year and the beginning of the new inner year. This is roughly the time between your Inner Solstice and your Inner Christmas. 

We can relate these three soul days to the stillness between an outbreath and an inbreath and the emptiness of the womb between the last menstrual period and the fertiization of the egg at conception.

Stillness opens us to timeless time. 

Emptiness opens us to the creative void. 

If you have the time, a few minutes will due, during these few very hectic and chock full days of the outer year, open your thoughts and feelings to your sense of sacred stillness and holy emptiness that offer the context for the emergent birth of a new imagination of self.

Those who have a meditative practice will easily embrace stillness and emptiness. If you meditate, notice the profound quiet of these three days. 

Here are a few imaginations I have around stillness and emptiness:

For me, stillness and emptiness are the two pillars that form the gateway to the realm of the spirit and the glorious joy of becoming. 

They also set the mood of infinite possibility.  If I give myself a few moments of stillness and emptiness before I must make a choice or a decision, I will find wisdom. If I do the same before I contemplate a rose, eat a meal, hear a concert, listen to a friend, my perceptions will be clearer and richer.

Stillness and emptiness prepare and weave the context for wisdom, for meaning, for goodness, for aliveness, for creativity. They form the manger of my soul.

If in my soul, stillness and emptiness make love, I will conceive and give birth to a new Self during the Holy Nights.

What are your imaginations?

Be still. Be empty. Great imaginations will be born.