It’s November. The year is about to be over…done…finished…gone. How do you say goodbye to 2021? How do you discover the inner meaning of 2021? How do you prepare for 2022?

Each year you evolve. You become something you weren’t last year.

Some of your evolution is intentional and some is unintentional. But if you don’t take time to review your year as the unfolding of a new you, how do you know yourself? How do you know what you mean when you say I am?

How do you SEE yourself?
How do you CELEBRATE yourself?
How do you MAKE WISE CHOICES about the coming year?

Are you PREPARED TO BECOME new, different, more mature, more self-compassionate, more creative in the coming year?

INNER ADVENT is a program that guides you in saying goodbye to the old year. It provides an organized approach to looking at your inner evolvution and understanding the meaning of your year with creative compassion.  It cleans up your soul and prepares your inner life for becoming new, for a another year of evolving. It creates a sweet emptiness, a manger in your soul.

It will take time to realize the meaning of your year.  Is your Inner Advent worth your precious time? Will you be happier? More peaceful? More grounded? More alive? More awake to your self? Yes, yes, yes!

Will you find more true freedom to be and become yourself? Yes.

Will you find more love?  For yourself? for others (even the difficult others)? for the world? for the future? for the past? for the moment? Yes.

Inner Advent, like all the Imagine Self programs, is a serious, profound and mysterious spiritual practice. It also offers moments of true joy when the experience of your evolving I AM sings in harmony with the evolving Cosmos.

Inner Advent is part of a spiritual curriculum for finding, knowing and becoming yourself.

How do you find yourself in all the events and circumstances of the year?

How do you recognize yourself with confidence and authority? What was authentically YOU in your thoughts, feelings and deeds?

How did you evolve, become new, more mature? What new truth lived in your thoughts? What new beauty formed in your feelings? How did goodness pour out from your actions? What happened to your soul over the year?

The cosmic rhythm of your inner year wakes up to these questions and finds their answers during the last few weeks before the Solstice and the Nativity – your soul’s Inner Advent.