The Inner Christmas Inner Views
Yes, these Inner Christmas Inner Views are gifts for you – gifts that make Christmas
more conscious,
more peaceful,
more fulfilling
by essentially, developing a mature and measured Christmas
of wise choices and good will.


Mary Oak – Christmas & Illness


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Sadly, some of us will be ill this Christmas, even in the hospital. Others of us will be caring for an ill person at home or in the hospital.

Mary Oak knows about illness and holidays and everyday. She was born with a rare genetic heart condition which brought both suffering and wisdom.  From this deep personal experience she shares compassionate ways to celebrate Christmas while ill at home or in a hospital.

Do share this with anyone you know who is ill or anyone who is caring for someone who is ill this season.

And I urge you to give yourself the gift of Mary’s beautiful written, full of wisdom memoir, Heart’s Oratorio. She takes you on a journey that will leave your heart more open and more alive. Mary also coaches writers and is a gifted editor.


If you want to know more about Inner Christmas, please visit http://innerchristmas.com.


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