It only takes a jot of wisdom to transform your sense of self.


A jot is an extremely small amount and comes from the Greek word iota which is the smallest letter in the Greek alphabet. It looks just like the smallest letter in our alphabet, I.

When you sign up for a course, buy a book, read a blogpost, or have a sacred conversation all you need to experience is a jot, an iota, of wisdom to find the power for self-transformation.

Wisdom lives in a single phrase, a single idea, a simple step in an exercise. It’s a moment…a breakthrough…an ahha.  You got it!  Now things make sense! Something begins to shift. Suddenly you feel a bit of safety, calmness, wakefulness or nourishment.

The Lesson…

Don’t burden your unfolding with a sense that you MUST digest the entire course, read and understand the entire book or blogpost, or remember the entire conversation to support the awakening of wisdom and the opening to transformation. It just the jot that matters. It is a serious and relaxed wonder and a trust…just like the enthusiasm of a small child with a new toy, that leads you to the jot of wisdom.

This is why we are so fascinated with quotes – they are jots of wisdom that might empower transformation. Won’t you please share a jot that you love, that changed your sense of self in a comment on this post.

And with Imagine Self online courses, like books, they’re yours to keep and revisit any time and many times. Each course is filled with jots. Each time you revisit the course you will be meeting the content from a different perspective, another question, a new you, and you will find other jots appearing.  And one of them will

…set you free,

…point you in the right direction,

…make self-forgiveness possible, …

…put a smile in your heart,

…define the problem or indicate the solution.

Current courses:

Inner Lent – how to recognize and vanquish your inner temptations using the New Testament story as guiding wisdom.

Core Imaginations – how to create the image of yourself as a human being