I subscribe to Garr Reynold’s blog Presentation Zen. Garr is a genius at presentation skills, has tremendous warmth, and shares meaningful experiences and insights.

Recently he posted thoughts on being inspired. Garr shared this wonderful video below of Sir Ken Robinson speaking about the inspiration of his father. (I urge you to also watch Sir Ken’s TED presentation on creativity and education,)

Garr’s blog and his questions started me expoloring and expressing my thoughts on inspiration. I’ve posted them for you. Please share you musings on inspiration, moments, moods, circumstances, whatever makes inspiration happen for you.

Just yesterday, I attended an inspired and inspiring workshop. I woke up this morning flooding with insights for my Inner Lent programs tonight and tomorrow. I was also inspired to share my thoughts on inspiration.

Questions that don’t have definitive answers and place me in the blessed state of wonder, fill me inspiration. They set me free from all the givens, prejudices and conventions.

Resistance from anything that says “no, not this way!”

The stillness in my heart- in those rare moments of inner silence when I let myself feel the tranquility, inspiration appears like a whispered “Hush!” asking for deeper quiet.

The fire in my dreams – in those rare moments of courage when I can be alone in the fierce heat of my destiny, I find inspiration.

In the depths of my suffering, when all the lights go out, all boundaries disappear and I find myself falling into the abyss of nothingness, inspiration rises up as a light or a warmth that floats me back to myself.

Inspiration is not a sentimental feeling that generates more sentiment, it is a spiritual feeling that enthuses our thoughts and our deeds. It does not appear as merely awe, but awakens true devotion.

Witnessing inspiration in others inspires hope that I, too, may be inspired and inspire others. In fact, if I am not inspiring others, I have not been inspired. The inspired always inspire. Pass it on.

And remember… inspiration is never familiar or safe.