Maundy Thursday is the day of the Last Supper. Below I’ve posted an audio  to share some thoughts on awakening within your own soul a feeling for the experience of the Last Supper.  As usual, the imagination of the last supper, like all the Inner Year imaginations, nurtures all souls on a spiritual path whether or not they are practicing Christians.
With Inner Lent we imagined a personal experience of the fasting of Christ and  the overcoming of the three great temptations.  When Jesus Christ returns from his solitude in the desert he seeks and finds his companions for his three years.  The Last Supper comes at the end of the three years and mirrors the fasting with a final feast and final gathering of the companions. 
Imagine your Inner Last Supper today. Imagine gathering your companions for a final feast. Work metaphorically and personally with the elements of the supper, your washing of their feet, the transubstantiation of your body and your blood and so on.   Feel the Christ mysteries awakening in your own self awareness.

As we look into our lives and into our souls to awaken an inner feeling for the Last Supper, I want to offer some suggestions. Rather than writing down my suggestions, I have recorded them in this 18 minute audio.

But before you listen, I want explain something.  In the audio I ask you to play with these suggestions. Play! I feel so much of our inner spiritual work is burdened and weakened by a mood of somberness and rigor.  As Christ says to his disciples, unless we become as little children we will have difficulty entering the kingdom of heaven.

There is a PBS documentary “Where Do Children Play?” www.wfum.org/childrenplay/
Here is a quote I found filled with wisdom and inspiration from the description on the website – italics are mine.

Play takes many forms. It may be best defined from within as a spontaneous human expression that relies on imagination and a sense of freedom. Players invent alternative contexts for conversation, visualization, movement, and interactions with real objects. They find release and involvement, stimulation and peace.

As you play in your contemplation of your last supper, find your freedom in your imagination. This is sacred play. There is nothing of idleness or thoughtlessness in a child’s play.

MP3 File

Just press the yellow button and you can listen to the recording on your computer or download it to listen later. If you load it on to your ipod you can go for a walk and listen or take your journal to some quiet place so you can listen and write.  Don’t forget to pause if a suggestion inspires your thoughts and feelings and you want to deepen both with playful attention or joyful writing.