I have compiled all my Inner Easter Blogs from the past years into a beautiful pdf: Imagining Your Inner Easter.

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Imagining Your Inner Easter Download


Inner Easter CVR

 28 pages to inspire your inner work over Easter this year and every year. I offer thoughts to support your reflections on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday.

Create Your Own

Inner Easter Book/Binder of Inspiration

Please download the pdf. and print it. Put it in a binder and add some blank pages for your own writings.  I love using binders as you can add pages and rearrange pages…binders let you create, capture and contain so much meaning.

You can also do this on your digital device by creating an Inner Easter folder in  Evernote, Mac Journal or another amazing application. But I love the physical and the tactile relationship with my paper, my pens, the act of opening the rings on the binder and placing the papers in with joy.

For your Inner Easter binder: Journal your Easter thoughts and feelings each year. Write Easter poems. You can also add to the binder the Easter wisdom of other writers and theologians. Download and print your favorite works of art that reflect the mysteries of Easter. Or create your own images.  Use the binder to deepen and record your Inner Easter every year.


Imagining Your Inner Easter is a gift. If it inspires you, please consider making a donation of $10. Thank you.

There is also a link to the donation on the copyright page of the pdf.