Would it calm you to have a conscious path for your inner development: a process, a practice, and evolving perspectives. Conscious inner development never offers perfection.

If you are seeking perfection, you will never experience joy, grace, or miracle. You will never know freedom, love, wisdom, or innocence. Perfection implies judgment, measurement, completion,

Inner Development is the personal response to the admonition: O Human Soul, Know Thyself!” What are you doing to know yourself?

Inner Development is not about the books you have read, the scriptures you believe, the gurus you follow, the time you spend in meditation or the gods you pray to. It is about how you go about perceiving, understanding and knowing yourself.

This is not just about your narrative identity, it is about your vast, complex, utterly unique idiosyncrasies shaped by your temperaments, your senses, your karma, and your destiny and the kernel of the Divine at your core.

It is about all your talents, all your weaknesses, all the lessons learned, all the mistakes made. It is about what makes you human like all other human beings and what makes you you … the universal and the unique. It’s about what has impacted your soul and how you have impacted the souls of others.

It is a never-ending, ever-evolving imagination of all the selves that live in your Self.

For over 30 years, I have been researching this great mystery of self. I have written thousands and thousands of words and designed over thirty courses. I have had thousands of conversations with others seeking to find a healing, liberating, and empowering imagination of themselves.

There is nothing selfish about self-knowledge.

What are you doing to know yourself? Do you want to perceive and understand yourself??? Or are you afraid of what you will see?  It is really the forces of evil that turn us away from the inner development of self-imagining. If we lack a direct relationship to self, we are easily led astray, taken into the egotism of fear, doubt, and hatred of ourselves, others, and the future.

What is your path of self? Do you have a creative process? Do you have a courageous practice? Do you explore changing perspectives?

The Inner Christmas Journey is a thoughtfully designed process. It is a path of inner development and fulfills the admonition to know yourself, your soul. It is designed to inspire, not to obligate.

Will you make this sacred journey a yearly practice? As a practice, it is comforting and challenging. Remember there is no perfection, no requirement to complete the Journey. Just taking a few steps will give you a new understanding of your soul, your life, your meaning.

Each year, the Messages for the Holy Nights provide 12 new perspectives for knowing your humanity and your individuality. Twelve perspectives in twelve days. Why twelve and what if you only do 2 or 5 or 11?

If the first year, you only manage to be active in your attention for a couple of “nights”, don’t give up. Next year you will practice again, and the following years. Your capacity for practice and attention will grow. Your knowledge of your self will inwardly develop.