From the darkest night to the darkest day to what? No scripture describes the experience of Holy Saturday so what do we do with this Easter emptiness? There is almost no reference to this day in the Bible, so we must really imagine strongly.

In Easter Mystery of entombment we are asked not to imagine the absence of light, but the absence of activity. Imagine the stillness of time, to imagine nothingness.

Saturday is the Sabbath, the day of rest, the day of no activity. In our etheric or life body, there is always activity – blood flowing, cells dying and being born, hormones regulating, digestion creating energy, detoxing, neural impulses executing, breathing, eyes seeing. All these activites occur in time. When the Sabbath occurs in the life body, all activity ceases and time ends, death conquers life.

This is so hard to wrap our consciousness around as even thinking is an activity that takes place over time and in time.

Imagine the final exhale. This is not like holding your breath because along with the holding is the growing desire for the next breath. In death there is no desire for the next breath!

It seems to me, that the first event of Holy Saturday, the question of what must proceed the extraordinary activity of the harrowing of hell, is the complete absence of life, desire, intention, thought, past, present, or future. No memory of the womb, only the finality of the tomb.

It is this stillness, that lasts a momentary eternity, that jolts the spirit free like a big bang in reverse.

I would love to skip over the Entombment, and leap right to Hell. Hell seems like a busy place with lots going on even if it is all suffering.

What are the questions of death and entombment that our living souls can ponder?

Holy Saturday Questions

  • When has there been a profound pause in your life?
  • When have you longed for a pause? or wanted to never wake up in this life?
  • Have you ever stood still and had no memories nor longings? Can you imagine such a state?