As I work into Inner Easter, I realize what a watered-down, idealized and dramatized, Inner Hollywood, Inner Easter Basket, token and cloudy relationship I’ve had to every aspect of the Easter Mystery. Over twenty years ago I found my way to the wisdom shared by Rudolf Steiner on the evolution of consciousness. When Easter is placed into this perspective, the significance of the events for the consciousness of all human beings, becomes obvious and profound, but having the concept doesn’t mean there is an equally profound and intimate living feeling relationship to the mystery.

Evolution means there are no fixed points, no true beliefs, no everlasting meaning. All evolves. A soul on a path of personal development must give up identities, habits, and stories and that is a truly challenging inner reality.

There is a paradox here. The more we enter into evolution, the more we are able to discern and lift evolutionary veils and glimpse the eternal and absolute. Again I am sharing a concept that rings true to my bones, but I only rarely enter into a living relationship with the experience itself.

We live in fast-changing times, so our external realities are in constant flux – god bless technology and corporate greed because their drive for new applications and new products (both profit driven) are bombarding our perceptions and driving human consciousness to adjust to constant newness, albeit drenched in materialism. As we deal with change outwardly, we find a growing capacity to experience change inwardly and evolve consciously.

Working with Inner Easter, intimately, moment by moment, drinking deep of the cosmic and the human agonies and glories of Easter, we are altered to the core of our developing selfhood.

With Maundy Thursday we experience the darkest night of human consciousness. Now with Good Friday we live the darkest day. The old light had faded and the new light was yet to appear.

As the sunrises on Good Friday bringing a light that had no light, even no love, Jesus Christ is on trial. He faces those bearing false witness about his words and his presence.

Good Friday Questions

Have you experienced others describing you in false ways? What did it feel like?
And when and about whom have you provided false witness? Denied the god within another human being?
Have you, can you forgive false witness?

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