Today is Easter Sunday, 2012. We celebrate the Resurrection today. I’d love to just jump to feelings of Hallelujah and images of the Risen Christ, but the day begins with Mary Magdalen visiting the tomb to be with the corpse. So let us find our Easter questions in this gesture.

Mary Magdalen was at the Crucifixion, witnessing the death, hearing the last words, helped remove the body from the cross, prepared it for burial and attended the entombment, seeing the rock placed over the entrance. Now the next morning she comes with spices to care for the corpse.

Let’s enter into her being for a moment. Was she anguished with grief? Had she slept or eaten? Was her mind overwhelmed by her heart? Was she weeping with sobs of unimaginable sorrow and confusion?

Was she mourning the teacher, the healer, the man, or the god? Or her friend, her savior, her “husband?”

And why is the redeemed prostitute, the woman freed of the seven demons, the one written about on this morning? Is she the only one with the fierce life forces and the unconditional love forces to bear loving witness to the lifeless body?

This Easter morning bring a feeling of the grieving, redeemed Magdalen into your heart. Feel the morning sun around her, knowing she felt no sun rising in her heart and ask yourself:

Easter Sunday Questions

  • How does my soul grieve?
  • How am was I redeemed by what I so deeply grieve?
  • How do I find devotion in my heart, even when I am feeling the deepest loss?

The rejoicing of Easter only comes when we have the resolve to dwell in the deepest grief. Perhaps this is the meaning behind the wisdom “the darkest hour is the one before dawn.”

I urge you to revisit the posts to read the comments and add your own. Share the Easter wisdom of your soul.