December 8th is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. For 1500 years, the birth of Mary has celebrated her purity.

The Immaculate Conception is the Catholic doctrine(teaching) that Mary was conceived without original sin and incapable of personal sin.

This teaching is important to Catholics. Should it be important to all human beings? Should it be important to you?

As a mood,
as a question,
as a quality,
as a way of knowing yourself,
yes, it is important for each of us.

As a belief or a doctrine, probably not.

As an imagination that leads us to finding, knowing and becoming self? Oh, my, yes.
Let these questions inspire you today.

Just imagine the idea of sin! What is sin? What are your thoughts about sin? Your feelings? About original sin, universal and born in and by everyone – casting us out of Paradise, and the intimate personal sins commited and carried by the individual – casting one into Hell?

Just imagine immaculate conception? Would being immaculately conceived mean never knowing guilt, shame, blame? Could we be self-aware or self-developing, without the shadowy contours of sin and the desire to be sinless?
Pretending & Hiding

For 2011 my thoughts on immaculate conception are about pretending and hiding. All little children love games of pretending and hiding. With pretending we want to be seen as something we are not. With hiding we want to disappear, to not be seen. Do you remember the fun of both when you were a child?

These innocent games for the child become limiting defenses for the adult who feels like one who was born within sin and commits sins of offense, harm, neglect, denial, hubris and so on the endless list of transgressions.

When do you pretend?

When do you hide?

Can you seek a new conception of yourself?

Today, do you dare to find within your soul, the immaculately conceived mother/womb of your incarnate “I Am?” This is the mother/womb that holds all of you, the sinless innocent and sinning seeker of wisdom.

Celebrate the love that tells you that you never need to pretend to be not-yourself or hide what is yourself.