One of the great imaginations of Self is the imagination of being “the only one.” This only-one awareness is key to fulfilling the admonition “O Human Soul, Know Thyself!” And knowing what we experience and mean when we say “I.”

“The Only One” experience is not narcissistic or egotistic. It is a path of inner development that leads to a confident, humble, genuine interest and love of others and their only-oneness. Self love is the foundation and inspiration for truly loving another.

In this post, I am sharing an Easter Imagination of Only-Oneness .

Recently, there has been a lot of internet posts and emails in Esoteric and Cosmic Christian circles on the true date of the Easter Festival this year, 2019. I want to add to this conversation from the wisdom of feeling you are “the Only One.”

My inner experience of Easter has no attachment to specificity in space or time. It does not require the presence of others in either time or space or belief. It does not live as a narrative. It does not depend on ritual. It is my Inner Easter and only mine in an earthly, individual sense carefully reflecting the universal, cosmic and eternal in a spiritual sense.

Worrying about the true date of Easter Sunday in 2019 is a sad distraction from your Inner Easter. Do you really need earthly agreement and conformity to inwardly connect to the mystery of Golgotha?

An Inspiration

I am so grateful that all these concerns about correctness have appeared. They have made my Inner Easter so much more conscious. Let me share an inspiration that came to me in the middle of the night a week or so ago.

I recently saw the trailer of a new film by Danny Boyle who also gave us “Slumdog Millionaire.”  This film is called “Yesterday.” 

The story’s protagonist is a young struggling Anglo-Indian musician who has an accident one night when there is a massive international blackout. Recovered from his accident, he soon discovers he is in a new world where the Beatles never existed. He is the only one on the planet that knows the Beatles’ music. So he goes on to become famous and rich by bringing to the world all the music of John, Paul, George and Ringo. He faces deep moral problems about truth and love. I have no idea how it ends. I can’t wait to see the film.

In the middle of the night, thinking through my discomfort at locking Easter to a particular date, I thought of this trailer and the inspiration came down to and rose up in me.

What if I was the Only One?

What if I was the only one on the planet that held the conscious awareness of the Mystery of Golgotha. No one else had any knowledge of this event and the turning point in time and the evolution of consciousness. What if there was no New Testament? What if I had to live everyday and stand in the world as the living testament of Christ Consciousness and the narrative of Golgotha?

What if you were the ONLY ONE?

Would you want to establish a religion? Would you proselytize? Would you seek out twelve other souls and teach them? Would you be willing to suffer for all others?

Would you need others to believe what you know? Would you need to develop specific rituals for specific times to remember and to worship specific stories and deeds? What if you didn’t have a story or a document or a set of rituals and festivals but you only had the knowledge?

What if you were spiritually mute and the gods told you that you could not communicate in words what you knew? You could not tell or write the narratives that comfort or awaken? You could not paint pictures, speak parables, or perform miracles.

Only through the Ethers

What if you could only bring this knowledge of Golgotha through the Ethers: Light, Warmth, Tone, and Life-force?

What if your Light-filled presence could only illuminate the Light in others?

Your Warmth-filled presence could only enkindle a radiating Warmth in others?

Your vibrant presence could only resonate with a harmonizing Tone with all that sounds in others?

Your a centered enthusiasm could only engender a living Divine Force in others?

But you could not tell the story or establish a dogma or give commandments?

What if you could only be Love?

Another reality in your soul would be that you had no fear of Death. You would be the Only One with a direct living knowledge of Resurrection. What would shine out from your eyes?

What if you could only be Freedom?

My Easter Wish for You

I wish you find a few minutes every once in a while throughout the year to experience being the Only One. See how it strengthens your Presence as Love and Freedom.