An Inner Easter Gift

I have compiled all my Inner Easter Blogs from the past years into a beautiful pdf: Imagining Your Inner Easter. Click here to download your gift: Imagining Your Inner Easter Download    28 pages to inspire your inner work over Easter this year and every year. I offer thoughts to support your reflections on Maundy […]

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Halloween Thoughts on Hallowed Fears

Hallowed means holy, revered, sacred. Halloween means candy, costumes, spooks and skeletons. The sweet and the scary. In this post I am sharing four core fears that shape my soul like my skeleton shapes my body. They are scary, sweet and sacred to me. They are my hallowed fears. The fear of dying without knowing […]

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Courage, Calmness and Clarity: The Three Gifts of Micha-el

Christianity, Islam, and Judaism revere the  Archangel Micha-el as the great protector of humankind and Western Christianity celebrates the archangel on September 29, Michaelmas. But there is much more to the archangel than the role of protector.  This being also carries the scales of balanced judgment and offers rays of the sun to illuminate the darkness […]

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