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What makes you happy?

What is happiness? What makes you happy? It’s Springtime and I am thinking about happiness. A happiness that is both personal and archetypal. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere and Autumn has just arrived, happiness may not be in the air, but I am sure it is in your heart. Nature seems happy. The […]

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A New Lent

It’s 2017 and the whole world feels like a wilderness where our souls find no practical, moral or spiritual nourishment. What if we see this as a fasting that prepares us for the deed of transforming the future?  Would this be a new Lent? Has the Holy Spirit taken us to this strange and lonely […]

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A New Inner Advent – The Path through the Darkness

This time of the soul’s year is Inner Advent.  Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas (November 27th) and in Christian Churches each Sunday is a preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.  Inner Advent is a preparation for the new birth of self, a renewal of creative innocence and the arrival […]

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