How does March offer meaning to your soul?  Does March make you glad, sad, or mad? Which parts of your soul are the lions and which are the lambs? What roars and what bleats?

 I looked up the definition of “bleat” and learned it is “a wavering cry.” What lives in your soul as a wavering cry that wants to be a roar?

Your Soul’s March Weather

One day calm and sunny with just enough warmth to say Spring is here. The next day the winds bite, the clouds gray with chilliness, and Winter says “Not so quick!” Is March the bi-polar month, the month of Nature’s madness?

Do you like these wild variations? Is your soul happy when caught between seasons and moods? Is this the month to witness and contemplate your soul weather’s swings? Or are you psychically grounded in the mood of the Equinox when darkness bows to light? 

The Colors of March

March resurrects Nature’s colors for most of us. Bold purples and yellows, which are complimentary, appear balancing each other. I also love the faint rosy glow that appears on the bare tree branches, the rosy glow of green life returning.

Do you have any polarizing thoughts, feelings or intentions that are appearing in your soul that actually compliment each other? Make a chart in your journal: one side is for your purple soul and the other is for your yellow soul. ( I just realized the Imagine Self logo is purple and yellow.) How would you describe purple feelings vs yellow feelings? purple deeds vs. yellow deeds? 

Spend some time looking for new life poking up in the grey landscapes of your inner life. Does delight begin to glow in your heart? 

Daylight Savings

March brings the ridiculous practice of daylight savings. What are the silly patterns in your life that originally seemed to make sense though now are absurd but also ingrained? Can you let them go?

St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick, who drove the snakes out of Ireland, is celebrated in March. What snakes need to be driven out of your soul? St Patrick’s snakes may have been all the Celtic pagan gods. He is also known for using the shamrock as the symbol of the Trinity.

At sometime this month, maybe the 19th, you might want to look at your gods and your trinities. Don’t be religious here. Be self aware.

How do you experience the trinity of truthfulness: Truth, Trust, & Trustworthiness?  How do you experience the energies and gifts of Youth, Adulthood, and Elderhood? Where is your life to you experience, Freedom, Equality and Fellowship? Mid-March is a wonderful time to look at these experiences.

The Annunciation

March 25th is the Feast of the Annunciation, when the Archangel Gabriel announced to a young and innocent virgin that she would conceive the Son of God. Have you had a moment when you were called to your destiny? Are you still waiting for that calling to be heard in your soul?


March challenges like a lion and comforts like a lamb. Polarizes and balances. It is quite an amazing month in our souls.