Sunday night I attended the birth of my granddaughter, Sabine Mira Kokoshi. She is so new, so alive, so naively herself!

Delighting in her tiny, but powerful, presence, I am thinking about birth as a soul experience and how all that I do with Imagine Self is midwife the birth-like process of imagining self for you.

Only you can imagine yourself, but I can provide you with tools, blueprints, maps, mirrors, methods, listening, encouragement…whatever you need that I am able provide.

Do you want to birth a living image of yourself that reveals the true, beautiful and good?

Do you want to nurture the development of that living image… finding wholeness in your feelings, knowing freedom in your thoughts, and becoming manifest through your deeds?

An image is not another story.  Most of us have lots and lots of dramatic stories about ourselves but they don’t give us an imagination of self. They give us identities and defenses, not images!!  When we have a living image of self, dramas fade, identities lose their meaning and defenses are no longer constantly on guard.

A New Threshold of Self-Knowledge

In the evolution of consciousness, we are at the threshold of a new way of thinking about and relating to ourselves.  We are waking up to new concepts of self, not new stories.  We are beginning to think images of ourselves for ourselves, not tell stories about ourselves to ourselves. We get trapped in our stories and fail to see ourselves beyond them.

I’m not knocking stories, I am just challenging our dependence on them.  I’ve got a ton of stories but I am no longer willing to have them be the lenses I use to see myself.  Nor do I want to be trapped in my stories or seek a future that is just a sequel or a remake of an old story.  I want to be new and I need new images to guide me to that newness.  I am a grandmother determined to be as unfettered as my newborn granddaughter.  And I want to share how to do this with you.

So let’s give birth to these vibrant, elegant, graceful, and courageous images of self. Let’s crawl in to the fertile womb of imagining self.

The Three Great Images of Self

There are three distinct and essential images that you must conceive, gestate, and birth as you find, know, and become yourself. These are the three great images of self that merge together to reveal the Image of I.

The work of the first image guides you to the birth the image of yourself as a human being uniquely constructed and composed of all the parts and elements of being human.

In doing the work of the second image, you birth the image of yourself as a living history with a unique and purposeful biology and biography.

With the work of the third image, you birth the image of yourself as a complex destiny to be fulfilled through contribution, relationship, balance and development. You realize this destiny could only be fulfilled through your uniquely composed expression of being human and the influence and impact of your biology and biography.

Let me tell you a bit more about each…

The First Image: You form an image of yourself as a unique human being.

The most essential knowledge for imagining self is a knowledge of the composition of the human being, the soul, and the personality —  the archetypes or original designs.  Archetypes consist of many parts, each with a purpose essential to the composition of self.   The image of the human being needs to be deconstructed into parts, so that you can reconstruct them as they uniquely configure your own unique being.

The Second Image: You form an image of yourself arising from your karmic background.  

Karma forms your image of self  in two gestures: biology and biography. Your biology is the internal background formed by how all your living parts work together and the degree of harmony or well-being you experience in key moments or over extended periods of your lifetime.  Your biography is the objective observation and creative understanding of the formative contexts, events and relationships of your life. These nurturing and challenging biographical experiences shape your sense of self from the outside.

Both biology and biography have archetypal forms, functions, and development.  Knowing these archetypes allows you to discern your own karmic or background image. This gives depth to yourself.

The Third Image:  You form an image of yourself as a being of destiny.

Your a destiny path reveals the unique fulfillment of a number of tasks in four great gestures: you have a contribution to make, many relationships to form and engage, a complex and fragile balance to establish, and many types and stages of development to advance and refine.  

To move confidently along your destiny path, you need to have a way to recognize and successfully engage and fulfill the many tasks.  You need to acquire skills and tools to fulfill these tasks.

Your contributions, relationships, balance and development are woven into the evolution of all of humanity. A crucial aspect of these three great images is the recognition that you matter…you have meaning, significance and purpose for the great Cosmic Imagination of humankind.

When these three images come together an alchemical event occurs. They distill into a radiant Image of I, the incarnation of pure and absolute spirit committed to an earthly lifetime – yourself!

Now A NEW Image of Imagine Self

Until now, the Imagine Self courses were offered one at a time.  And you have taken the courses that appealed to you or offered to address a particular question or challenge you were struggling with.

2014 brings the birth of a new image of Imagine Self.

I have created three year-long curriculums, one for each of the Three Great Images of Self. They consist of clear and effective, warm and engaging  courses to support the birth of your own amazing Images of Self – whole, free, and empowered.

We need to invest our attention and time to experience this new threshold of empowering self-knowledge. A single course, a great book, a meditation practice, traditional and new age therapies and healings won’t guide you to these new images of self.  They offer many benefits and insights, but we need to find our three great images of self and this requires a conscious curriculum.

2014 Year One  — The Core Imaginations Curriculum  – The Image of Self as a Human Being

Here are all the courses that provide you with the blueprint, frameworks and forms of being human.  Most of the content is inspired by wisdom teachings throughout time.  I’ve reimagined this wisdom for us, here, now, intimate, personal, sensible and practical. The Core Imagination Curriculum provides lots of ahha’s, of course!, I get it!, now I understand! and just deep relaxing breaths as you gracefully sink into the ground of unique Humanity.

The first course begins in a week.  [I’m sorry for the short notice, but my daughter and granddaughter needed my attention and time!. :-)] Go here for a full description and to subscribe to the full curriculum.

2015 Year Two — The My Life Revealed & Revered Curriculum – The Image of the Self as Karma

Once you understand the blueprint of being human, it is essential to lovingly focus on your biography – the stories and relationships of your life, and your biology – the energy, form, function and chemistry of your life. Here is where you reveal your karma and find the meta-meanings of all your biographical and biological dramas.

2016 Year Three —  The My Four Destiny Tasks Curriculum – The Image of  Self as Destiny.
Contribution is how you serve and do that which only you can do.  Relationship is how you come to know and be known by others.  Balance is the ability to create beauty and harmony in every aspect of your life. Development is how you succeed and evolve morally, spiritually and practically.

You want to be able to recognize and distinguish the four destiny tasks. You want the tools and the skills that let you see clearly, be creative, take risks and manifest amazing contributions, relationships, balance, and development.

Begin Now!

This year, 2014, begin with The Core Imaginations Curriculum of five courses with a total of 37 lessons that lead to the Image of yourself as a human being.  Learn all about this curriculum here. The content of the courses is rich.  I offer three levels of participation (and cost).  Don’t miss this opportunity to truly know yourself.   Click here for a full description.

The five courses of the Core Imaginations Curriculum will be available separately, however, taken separately they will fail to support a complete image of yourself as a human being.  You will gain insights into the particular course content and you will have much more capacity to understand yourself in relationship to the topic, but it will only be a piece of the puzzle and much will be missing.