Balance lets us sway in many directions and never fall.   Through balance we maintain our uprightness.  No matter how much we sway in any direction we can return to our standpoint, head held high, ready to focus on what is important, find our center between two opposing forces or infinite possibilities. We are not dizzy or light-headed because of this perception.  We know our inner balance of power and our infinite flexibility.  Balance dots our i and crosses our t. 

Balance crowns us with inner sovereignty and gives us dominion over our pulling, pushing, chaotic impulses.  Balance also frees us from dependency on the rules of earthly gravity by giving us a center of gravity within our own being.

This week look at balance in your soul life.  Your souls move to and fro in your thoughts and your actions.  In your soul you find your balancing point in your feeling life which allows you to judge the (up)right relationship between many thoughts and many actions.

Over this week connect with your sense of soul balance.  Look at all the “things” you want to think, all the “things” you want to do, all the “things” you want to be, all the “things” (spiritual and material) that you want to have. Human existence asks you to choose, to say “yes,”  “no” and “maybe” – to say “now,” “later” and “never.” A balanced soul chooses well, manages the swaying from choice to choice elegantly.  How balanced do you feel?

If you are having a hard time balancing your life, balancing your emotions, balancing your thoughts, imagine a thin crystalline thread of pure light attached to the end of a fiery sword coming from the heavens and piercing through your head straight through your body and down to the center of the earth. This thread gives your selfhood a constant balancing energy.  No matter what forces cause you to sway, you easily sustain your balance as through you the heavens reach into the earth.

Blessings on your growing sense of inner balance.


We are getting close to the time of year that begs the soul to focus on the mysteries of balance in our individual lives.  As light fades and darkness increases, as we start to feel death in nature, the soul must strengthen it’s consciousness of balance.  In the Inner Year curriculum, the 4 part teleseminar, The Mysteries of Personal Balance, begins on August 15 for the Sunday sessions and August 19 for the Thursday sessions. You will receive a description of the teleseminar next week.